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Well I have to use a Java based website daily, so this is great.

No site, unless it is to run some sort of complex application, will not need Java in order to use it normally. Java is not to be confused with Javascript, they are two totally different things. I have had Java disabled in browser and connection level for 5 years without any problems while using the net.

Thanks for the tip, I totally runs without Java. I my defence the site did used to pop up with a "you should updata java" sort of thing, but I guess they changed it.

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I am of two minds.

1) Java sucks

2) This from DHS. DHS sucks and is trying to find a reason to exist.

This should make work fun. Java is the basis for many applications and the default browser is still IE 6. And one of the Java applications uses a web portal to launch a telenet application to use the mainframe.

EDIT:Of course its fun seeing how much Giantbomb uses java script. No java basically breaks the site.

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@endaround said:

EDIT:Of course its fun seeing how much Giantbomb uses java script. No java basically breaks the site.

No. Java and Javascript are two different things. Javascript is simple, limited instruction language for (and contained within) web browsers that is totally OK (unless it is used to launch Java-applets). Java is full blown machine programming language that runs on virtual machines and can be problem if it has security holes. Giantbomb uses Javascript for Parchment, menus and other minor things like stream-chat. Giantbomb does not use Java unless it runs embedded NES-emulators, realtime interactive nuclear war simulations or something really out of the ordinary.

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Well folks a patch is out for the exploit so... I guess download it?

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@Animasta said:

wait why do I have java installed

what is java used for? what might a person who uses the internet use java for?

I can't remember

Minecraft uses java to play If im not mistake. haven't launched it in a while but it always required 64bit java for me.

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Does ubuntu use java?