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post programs that you find very useful or just are really neat to have on your computer
for me its CCleaner, its so much very helpful

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Dropbox for me. Can share files easily plus sync between computers. Screw file upload sites like MegaUpload, just put a file into your Dropbox and you can give people a link to that file. No waiting for 50 seconds to download and can download multiple files at once, and the speed is pretty solid.
Also, the Xmarks addon for Firefox. Very easy to set up and all my bookmarks are synced between all the computers I use. Completely awesome.
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Glary Utilities
KeePass Poassword Safe 
Team Viewer 
Process Exploter

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@Dark_Jon: ill have to check that out sometime
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Steam >_>

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Could people post descriptions of what their programs do?  I'm curious about this topic but I haven't heard of half these programs.  
Also, does anyone know of a free-to-download program that could utilize iTunes music as an alarm clock?  I used to have an alarm clock program that ran using MP3's or .wav files as the alarm sound, but I've never found anything like it that can use iTunes music.

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I find that it's important to sweep your computer for mines on at least a bi-monthly basis. This keeps your computer in check and running as fast as the day you got it. 
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@HS21: What if my smiley-man doesn't wear sunglasses? 
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CCleaner - removes unwanted cookies and useless nothing ness on your coputer
Glary Utilities - \This powerful application offers extensive utilities to improve your system's performance and protect your privacy
KeePass Poassword Safe - saves all your passwords in tis progra so you dont loose them and suc
Team Viewer  - share desktop remotely with someone else
Process Exploter - super easy to use task mananger
7zip - winrar? zips and unzips shit
and to answer your question, i havn't heard of anything that does that myself, but i hope there is because that would be very delightful.
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Unlocker. Helps when you have trouble deleting files.

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@HS21:  GREAT IDEA, i need to go quarintine all of those pesky mines that are hiding in y computer
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@DanielJW said:
" @HS21: What if my smiley-man doesn't wear sunglasses?  "
Then you're not done! Keep sweeping. 
@DillonWerner said:
" @HS21:  GREAT IDEA, i need to go quarintine all of those pesky mines that are hiding in y computer "
Expect to see an increase in overall performance and an increase in the amount of RAM you have.
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True Crypt - http://www.truecrypt.org- Lets you securely hide your porn or other secret items on your computer. 
PeerBlock -  http://www.peerblock.com - Blocks trackers so you cant get caught while illegally downloading things, not that any of us do that or anything.

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Right on, thanks.  Gonna have to check out some of those.
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Here are the ones I normally use. All of them are free and I've included the download links. 

  • AVG Anti-Virus - A free anti-virus program that's constantly updated. Reliable and quick.
  • Avira Anti-Virus - Another free and reliable anti-virus program just as good as AVG. Only problem is that a pop-up comes up once every day about registering.
  • CCleaner - A useful program that's faster and more useful then Microsoft's default disk cleaner. Can clear the cache, uninstall programs and fixes the registry. Highly recommended.
  • Spybot:  Search & Destroy - Anti-spyware program that's excellent for deleting and protecting your PC against spyware programs. Free and highly recommended.
  • Ad-Aware - Another anti-spyware program that's updated every now and again. More of a resource hog then Spybot but just as reliable.
  • Smart Defrag - A faster, better HDD defragging program then Microsoft's basic defragger. Can also optimize your HDD and is fairly easy to use.
  • GIMP - A great substitute for Photoshop. Somewhat harder to use then Photoshop but very powerful and is community driven. Lot's of tutorials online.
  • 7-Zip - A compression tool handy for compressing or extracting most ZIP and RAR files.
  • WinRAR - Another compression tool. Just as good and has a strange habit for being stuck on a thirty day trial. Highly recommended.
  • Audacity - A free audio editor and recorder. Easy to use and free.
  • PSound - A program used to rip sound effects and music from PS1 and PS2 games. Fairly basic and not 100% stable but does the job for most games.
  • JDownloader - A handy little program for downloading multiple files from file hosting sites such as Megaupload, Rapidshare and so fourth. A little confusing to use at times but painless when you understand how it works.
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TuneUp utilities is great.

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Nice one.
Synergy.  I have a 5 box rig.  This allows me to use one keyboard and mouse for all of them.  By basically setting up a mini server on a host PC, then clients on the others.  So my cursor passes quickly from the edge of one screen to another.  Easy to use and great for multi-tasking.    It just uses the keyboard for which ever PC the mouse cursor in on.  Also carries over copy pasta info. from box to box.
MkVtoVoB.  Is a simple video file converting program.  Cept it remuxes AVIs to vob files or Blu-ray/AVCHDs.  So I can share and watch high res movies with my PS3.  Much faster then converting, burning or hosting over to my PS3.  
AutoHotKey.  Is a simple script that runs in your background.  That clones certain keystrokes and sends them to multiple video game/App instances.  Very useful if you are multi-boxing in a MMO-RPG.  Like playing 5 mages in WoW.  Little setup, free, and easy to run. More Info.
DVDshrink.  For backing up DVDs.  Free, lightweight and easy to use.  It shrinks movie files quickly so that they don't take up lots of memory and makes them ready to burn.  Also doesn't have a copyright halt.  So it will rip any DVD that you own.  As long as you turn off auto-play and start it before you insert the disk.   It also doesn't download any booking code.  So you just get a small movie file.  Also great for setting up clips for Youtube. 
TVersity.  A simple free, file hosting program that works great with PS3.  I use it to set up a file server on one PC to share movies to my PS3.  Quick and easy.  I think it work well with 360 too.  But PS3 plays more file types( AVI.) and doesn't have all that Vivo bullshit.  PS3 also downloads the files WAY faster!  For watching movies on the big screen.
VLC Player!  The greatest video player out there.  It plays just about every video file type.  No crashing bullshit, no copyright BS, and no fucking forced trailer/ads! Like with MSplayer.  You can skip anything.  It gives you back total control. Instead of forcing script in your face.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!    
 Hope these help.  I keep these program's set up files, among others, saved to a flash drive.  At all times.  These are a few of my essential programs for everyday use. 
Will have to f5 can test links. 
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Yo. Firefox.

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cygwin (for windows users)

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ConvertXtoDVD - Convert any file format and burn in one easy process 
Debut Video Capture - Customizable size screen capture (Video & still) with Webcam / a/v capture support (Requires Webcam or a/v capture device (Duh)) 
uTorrent - Getting..... Backup copies of stuff.....   
Lot's of others but many have already been mentioned above 
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@Dark_Jon said:
" Dropbox for me. Can share files easily plus sync between computers. Screw file upload sites like MegaUpload, just put a file into your Dropbox and you can give people a link to that file. No waiting for 50 seconds to download and can download multiple files at once, and the speed is pretty solid.
Also, the Xmarks addon for Firefox. Very easy to set up and all my bookmarks are synced between all the computers I use. Completely awesome. "
Only problem with drop box is it does not have a progress bar . But it is free so i will let it off . Mega useful
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Chromium (web browser), CCleaner (system maintenance), foobar2000 (audio player), MPC Home Cinema (video player), Photoshop CS5 (image editor), 7-Zip (file archiver), Pidgin (instant messenger), Daemon Tools Lite (disc image emulator), and of course, uTorrent.

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Virtualdub, vlc, avg, vuze, game booster.

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OnyX is analogous to CCleaner but for OSX. Works pretty well!
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@SumDeus said:
" Porn. "
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@ThePwnee said:
" @SumDeus said:
" Porn. "
This. "
i have pleanty of that on my computer already ;)
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Pidgin: Multi-Protocol Instant Messaging

Opera: Great web browser

GIMP: Free Image editor

Open Office: Free Office Program

VLC: Media player with support for many codecs in the standard install which simply works.

Terminal: Terminal Emulator, gotta have access to command line.

PulseAudio: Sound server which has per-application volume control.

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Most of mine have been said, and my dad raves about CCleaner. I'll ad mine though;
Revo Uninstaller - Basically this uninstalls programs that you tell it too, then sweeps the registry, hidden files, etc, for any remnants and allows you to delete them.
I'm actually looking for a really good communications centre, that puts RSS feeds, multiple email accounts etc all into one place for easy viewing. Windows mail does this, but it's not very user friendly or shiny.

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Spellcheck   (thread title) 
Seriously though
 HWMonitor is good - lets you monitor temperature of computer components
Virtualbox - Lets you run virtualmachines.....yeah

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Ad Block.

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Microsoft Security Essentials   

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@turbomonkey138: If you put your mouse on the dropbox icon on the takbar, you can see your progress for uploading files. You can also right click it.
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Do you guys know if VLC plays blu-rays?

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An internet browser.

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@dudeglove:  HOLY SHIT <3
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MyDefrag,  i prefer it over Auslogic diskdefrag since i can customize where i want certain folders on the disk through scripts.

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@DillonWerner said:
" @dudeglove:  HOLY SHIT <3 "
Hehe, glad you like it.
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spybot seach and destroy for anti spyware, avast for anti virus.