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When I heard about the birth of VinnCo. i felt compelled to make a logo for it, and i finally got myself together enough to finish it today!

After completing the logo itsself i figured id plaster it onto a few things that it would appear on, if it were a real life company, just for a giggle.

If you guys can think of anything else to 'shop it onto id gladly take a look (even better if you can flick a high res image my way)

Feedback would be appreciated, preferribly only constructive criticism :)

Thank you, and enjoy!

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That's pretty awesome!

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I always imagine Vin Co as having one n, like Vin Diesel, or anyone else named Vin. Pretty good though.

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You don't work for VinnCo, VinnCo works for you!

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i feel like if there were a slogan, it would have have to incorporate Max somehow, like "Maximising Efficiency" or "Max Does Counts". xD

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It could use a little more Vinny or would that be unprofessional?

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@colourful_hippie: Nah, not on the logo I'd say. Vinny's face should appear on all corporate pamphlets and training materials though, accompanied by an inspirational qoute.

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I would sip some whiskey-laced coffee out of a VinnCo. mug. Great job!

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Cool logo is what I think we I see it.

But... as I dig deeper

Why does the logo have socialism themes to it? I thought VinnCo was more of an, innovative company with new and weird products. Socialism is usually not thought of as being that. Also, a dark red is not the color I would say fits the logo in general.

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Edit, coffee cup has been added, perhaps not the best 'shop of my life, curves in perspective are tough..

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@ilikepopcans: im not seeing the socialist theme, it certainly wasnt the intention. its just a bunch of work vehicles and a uniform shirt, not sure why the coffee cup aint uploading properly

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Ah dude, one of those polos would be so sweet.

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How much of the stuff in my house passed through a VinnCo. facility at some point?

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Hm.. This is giving me a 80's corp logo vibe. Hard angles and such. But I always pictured it a bit more retro than that. Like the fake Fallout company aesthetic (Nuka-Cola?). Maybe this is the logo redesign the company does in the late 80's before bringing back VinnCo Classic in the mid 90's.

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Needs more beard representation. Otherwise, seems pretty cool. Not too flashy, fairly realistic. Nice job, man!

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If you want it straight, here it is: it is bad.

How about something that tells what kind of company it is. Factory is just too generic and boring - two adjectives that do not come into the mind when thinking about the VinnCo. If it is vague industrial feel you are going for, than the font type is wrong for that. Also why did you choose red, white and black?

Tumblr or google some cool logos and get inspired

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I imagine VinnCo.'s logo looking like this, but with Vinny.

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Solid work duder. I would suggest trying to incorporate Giant Bomb or the V in Vinny more in the logo though. Maybe have the building be in the shape of a V?

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@charlie_victor_bravo: I'm gonna go ahead and not take your comment personally since all your posts in all topics ever seem pretty negative, so I'll just assume thats the kind of person you are, but thanks for dropping by anyway, you at least had some interesting ideas to share.

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@andorski: Thatd be pretty sweet, unfortunately I aint no illustrator and would want to botch that beautiful face of his with my lack of mad skills.

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That's some awesome photo editing, love it.

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@elpurplemonkey: i considered a more whacky GB-themed logo but i think the markets are too different, VinnCo in my imagination is like the MomCorp of futurama where they do everything in the industrial sector.. and for something that big, a silly logo just didnt feel right, I did take the colours.. but apparently people dont like that either xD Damned if you do, damned if you dont!

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@grimmie92 said:

@charlie_victor_bravo: I'm gonna go ahead and not take your comment personally since all your posts in all topics ever seem pretty negative, so I'll just assume thats the kind of person you are, but thanks for dropping by anyway, you at least had some interesting ideas to share.

Hey, no problemo, duder. You don't have to take it personally because it was not directed at your person, but at your work. I do like how you went for the extra mile and put a jab there against my personality.

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That's a sweet logo for Vinn Co.

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@charlie_victor_bravo: I took no jab, just took a look at your recent forum posts and they all looked pretty negative, so im hardly surprised you had such a comment for an otherwise pretty well recieved post.

If you dont appreciate Black Red and White, youre on the wrong site (thats a pretty cool little jingle, i might use that in something)

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uh oh someone can't take criticism. Just word of advice, don't post work you did and ask for criticism and then get mad about it.

Good effort with the logo though...

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I would totally buy a VinnCo mug. Great Job! Do you have a high res or svg version of that logo?

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That's a pretty nice logo, but I always imagined that VinnCo. has a pretty long legacy of innovation, and therefore ought to have a more retro design. Something like the Red and Blue team fortress logo.

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@handlas: Criticism is fine, but I clearly stated that id rather it be constructive. he basically said its bad and i shouldnt have done it, others at least took the chance to recommend what styles they would have preferred which is fine. I went for a certain style, not everyone has to like it... however, that doesnt make the overall thing BAD.

Destructive criticism just kinda rubs me the wrong way, but thanks for dropping by nonetheless.

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I have the Illustrator file, i can throw it up on some sort of hosting site if you can recommend one


A couple of people have said they'd have enjoyed this type of logo better, i just kinda did what it felt like to me but maybe ill go back and do a redesign with some of this feedback, thanks for the comment :)

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i really love the "V" in the logo

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Cool design duder

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Someone watches Adult Swim.

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@vrikk: One can watch adult swim? I thought they just made games, maybe im uneducated..

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Where's that one with the arcade cabinet being lifted by the hover trolley? That one is the shit.

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@pandabear: right here: http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/bombcast-32/the-vinnco-mark-iii-maglift-system-tshirt-design-1448059/

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@spoonman671: hah, fair point.. i dont often post on forums so i forget to do links and stuff.. thanks

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@grimmie92: Yea man, people will always have something negative to say regardless of what you do. Just gotta keep your creative vision and pick and choose good suggestions from other people.

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It has to have Vinny's smiling face on there somewhere.

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@lukeweizer: Im trying something out but again, im not much of an illustrator so it might not even be worth publishing when im done with it.. I'll see how it goes, as far as my original vision went this is pretty much exactly how i saw VinnCo. But several people have suggested a portrait style or an older theme so ill explore those in my spare time.
@elpurplemonkey: This was my first little project in a long long time, lost any will to do creative work (except some photography) after i got sick almost 12 months ago, all in all i think it was a success, something to build on at least. Thanks for the encouragement dude!

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Is VinnCo hiring an IT staff?

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I wasn't sold on it at first, but I'll be damned if it doesn't look fine on the side of a truck. FWIW the angled building is giving me a Williams Street vibe too.

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@gold_skulltulla: I think i sorta got a different feel from the name than others, having made the grav defying hand truck everyone felt it was some crazy whacky science lab type thing but i sorta felt a more grounded industrial warehouse type thing suited it more, but hey, as long as it looks hot on a truck, it doesnt matter what it is right? :)
The 2 tone logo is a pretty common style in industrial and power company sectors, no idea what Williams Street is though.
@bemusedchunk: if it were a real thing im sure it would need one, at some point we should probably just make it a business..

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