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That "Party Hard" song is actually really good.

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It seems to have fallen mostly out of rotation, but there's a track called Swing Sisters I was rather partial to. It's electro-swing. And jaunty as all get out.

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Fast Eddie is the song which Love Birds is a remix of, I'm pretty sure both have been played at one point or another.

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Thank you sir, I will enjoy this immensely.

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I want Love Birds to play when i walk around.

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@musou: I think we're both talking about the same song. I need it in my life :(

It is the one played at the beginning of this video: http://www.twitch.tv/giantbomb/b/320727388 (It won't let me make a nice link.)

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Can someone find me the TNT or whatever it was were The Big Bo/Year of the Bow song was used?

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What song do they use at the start of TNTs? It always reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean

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My ISP's been acting up the last days, took some time to update the OP but added the latest additions! Thanks @stalefishies @MattyFTM @papercut

@subjugation: We are indeed talking about the same thing, I need that song so badly.

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@golguin said:

I really enjoy the Hipstra song for its Bastion beat and the violin that reminds me of Madoka's intro song Connect by ClariS.

Totally does.

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Gah! Reply to the comment, get my hopes up for an answer only to disappoint! grrrrrrr... Adriniline-pumping Giantbomb action, expect the incredible faster... dangles.

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This made my day.

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When is Party Hard used? And what's the name of the bootleg "The Real Slim Shady" song used in the Rap Man song?

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@doomed: They use Party Hard and there to end livestreams or sometimes when they have the "Please Wait" screen

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There's only one song I want to find and alas, it's still not here. It's been played once when I've been at a live stream, and it was some kind of banjo-ska thing? I dunno, or maybe it was country type thing with a saxaphone? All I remember was it had a fuckin' awesome syncopated beat and a great lead line.

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There was a song that played before tonight's (7, March 2013) TNT that sounded like something from Rayman Origins; it had a lot of didgeridoo. Does anyone know where to find it?

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@musou: I think we're both talking about the same song. I need it in my life :(

It is the one played at the beginning of this video: http://www.twitch.tv/giantbomb/b/320727388 (It won't let me make a nice link.)

I was unable to find any real info on it either, but I believe it's the same one used on 2011 intermissions:

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@dkwildz: Thanks duder! I'll add it to OP, though I'd really love to buy it from some royalty free website so I could just walk around the streets feeling like a fucking boss.

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The TNT theme is actually from the C&C Red Alert 3 "Flair vs Bear" commercials, but not sure if it was ever an official song.

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@zombiesatemycereal: I don't think that ad came before TNTs used it, so they probably just got it from the same place.

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Please help me find the build a bomb 7 song. :(

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This thread is amazing. Great job, everyone!

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Someone needs to whip up some CD cover art for this "album"

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Party Hard might be the greatest royalty free song ever.

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@alpha1: If you say so, it's been duly added!

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Thanks so much for these links, I've just happily bought a bunch of them! I love how each track has many remixes too. Good times!

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THANK YOU FOR THIS THREAD. These jams sure bring so much memories back.

btw, I really REALLY want to know that song they used a lot a few years back, is a guitar riff, there's a lot of string bending in it.... I JUST NEED TO KNOW PLEASE :(

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They used Midnight Brown's "Nasty with 2 S's" for the club Drew just walked out of. One of my favourite songs of MB.

@quarters said:

Party Hard might be the greatest royalty free song ever.

I didn't know it was royalty free. For someone who never turned on the TV or radio since moving here to North America I always thought it was one of the trash mainstream pop/dance songs. Now I don't know why I love it so much, probably because of just how well they mimic bad mainstream music or they proved how easy it is to write a track like that. Respect, people I have never heard of in my life.

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http://us.audionetwork.com/production-music/rock-the-rodeo_53034.aspx used on todays 2013 GDC Livestream part 2

some hero in the chat found it, i forgot who. soorry

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That Party Hard song is a pretty god damn catchy pop song. It's still no AWK though.

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This was used on the GDC 2013: After Hours Livestream Spectacular - Part 01 interim from about 40 minutes in:

Those Gypsy Girls

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I've been trying to find these. Thank you.

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Hey! I'm glad someone is putting this list together.

Someone else mentioned it earlier, but Robot Laser Death was used on the Farming Simulator 2013 Quick Look. I see it hasn't been added to the list ;). I'm also pretty sure that Duck Juice and Sin City Blues was also used a few times during the streams.

I wanted to say that Robot Laser Death was also used during the end of the The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav Quick Look, but that apparently is a different song, even if it sounds rather close.

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The song that played right before the start of the Bioshock Infinite spoiler livestream is the instrumental version of Permission to Land. (You can hear it at about the five minute mark here.) Not sure if they've used it in other streams, but there ya go.

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They also used Detectives in a Car, I believe right before Unprofessional Fridays. It's being hummed right as the video starts.

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@toowalrus: Now I know how it feels to excited for nothing. *hug*:(