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Anyone able to ID the song at the beginning of this Lococycle video from last year? None of the apps I tried could find it.

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Oh thank god, I found this thread again...and nooo, the Sony song hasn't been found! Don't tell me I'll have to spend the day looking through all those songs 'till I find it, instead of playing The Last of Us?

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Did anyone find the salsa song that was playing alongside Lock Down during the breaks of the E3 2013 Day 3 stream (i.e. last night's stream)?

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Managed to answer my own question with some digging around audio network. The song from the Lococycle E3 2012 video is Who Dat Cat

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Any idea what the song running through the E3 Day 2 video (especially clear at 10:48 forwards) is called? I'd kill for that track.


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You're an angel sir.

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Sorry for being absent the last days duders, I just moved and they installed the internet today. I'll be updating the OP in a bit!

EDIT: It's all up there, good job duders!

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@drewbert said:

Man you beat me to it! Here's the rest:

00:05 - Lady Jazz

35:36 - Million to One

Yes, thank god! I'll loop that final one for the rest of the day...

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There was a song on the Day 2 stream, right before the Respawn segment (around the 1:12:30 mark) - kind of a bluesy/country jam - anyone know what it is? I kinda dig it but haven't been able to identify it.

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Awesome list keep updating it I love GB music choices.

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Great list. Thanks, everyone!

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Hey guys, just been watching the Liverpool Travelogue. Anyone know the song that sounds kinda like that song from Spiderman 3 where Peter goes "evil" and dances in the street? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPN1BvR02Xo

The song I'm looking for isn't "exactly" that, of course, but GB uses it a lot and I don't know where to find it.

edit: If it helps, it's during the travelogue where Vinny eats a Liverpool Whopper.

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@musou This song was heard a bunch of times, but I remember it most from the Liverpool Travelogue. It's called "Untitled"

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Didn't this used to be stickied? It seems like it should still be. And also the Ryan Davis In Memoriam thread, as long as we're talking about re-stickying threads. Anyone? @sweep?

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@spacerunaway: stuff goes up and stuff comes down. We still have the main article up there, but we are trying not to clog up the top of the forums with too many threads, especially regarding a single subject.

People will find them. I can't imagine they will be hugely inconvenienced.

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@sweep: Alright then. I feel slightly stronger about the case for that specific Ryan thread, but thanks for the response.

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Man that Party Hard song is so dumb but so incredibly catchy. I am not sure what to think of it

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@putemonsteret: What about the one during the green screen parts (starting around 6:15 in the video)?

How do you guys find these by the way? Is there like an audio based search engine or something?

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@newhaap: I don't know if there is a app for it, but I belive something about that was mentioned in the original post of this thread.

I just listened to what types of instruments were in the song and browsed by instrument on AudioNetwork and listened through the songs that contained the instruments. This one was relativly easy as it contained whistling. :)

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has nobody found the futurama song yet

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@pox22: Wow thanks! I didn't have any luck with my searches (I think I did 'whistle' and then tried going through the instrument categories also). Need to work on my googling skills :)

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@putemonsteret: @newhaap: On the OP I posted that you can use the Shazam app to find some of the music, it's pretty useful, but also search for instrumentation, tempo, duration and keywords to try and find them!

Also, added the latest entries to OP, thanks @putemonsteret@pox22

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What're the chances of some duder compiling a bunch of this rad stuff into a conveniently downloadable zip/rar/whatever?

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What was the song used at the beginning of the last UF (8/2/13)?

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@zoeytrope: Technically, no one should do that. But if you click through the links to the Audio Network site, you can buy each song for $1.25 USD a pop (they also sell in other currencies). Just click "Usage Type" on the top right corner of the page and select "Download for Personal Use". I've probably spent $30 altogether so far.

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I can't believe how much money those jingles actually cost.

What a joke.

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Any idea what the song at the beginning of this video is?

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So, during the 9/20/2013 Unprofessional Friday, there was a segment where Vinny was playing music from the computer at the back of the set as the guys go through the food a reader sent in a mailbag. I couldn't be bothered to look for all of the songs, but I did find this: Into The Void. It begins about 21:35.

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Happy whistling song from 9/20/2013 Unprofessional Fridays:


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@void: Adding them up, thanks duder!

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Could anyone find the one at the beginning of Unprofessional Fridays 10/18/2013 (i.e. the latest one as of this post)? travellinman in the comments under the episode correctly seems to have called out Guranna Project - Dancefloor Feelings but I've looked for all remixes of that song and they don't seem to fit so I'm thinking it might be a mashup of Dancefloor Feelings and some other track possibly.

Edit: Ha, I answered my own question just now and found it on audionetwork: Dance Machine

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@codicier: Putting it up there, thanks duder!

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> dat official description for Lock Down

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What the hell... how have I never seen this thread? Fantastic work, peoples.

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I too am interested in those Pre-Xbox stream songs, if anyone knows a good way to search for this stuff, that would be awesome.

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@theblue: @mortface: I'll look into it when I can (end of semester in my college so things are pretty hectic right now). I'll post here what I can get!