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So I got married in September, but we decided to wait and do our honeymoon in the Spring. Planned on driving down the coast from Seattle to San Francisco, and then on to Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Now, we have decided to skip the North and Fly into San Fran for a few days before driving East.

The wife wants my input on what to do along the trip, and I really have no clue. I am not big on obvious tourist areas but I can't get too far away from the city either. People are telling me to go to Golden Gate Park, Pier 39 and Alcatraz but none of that sounds all that appealing. I don't want to do a 4 hours walking tour of anything, but would love to see things that San Francisco is known for that I can't find in the Detroit area.

Any cool ideas?

Why am I asking here? I don't know, why not... the GB offices are in or around San Francisco right?

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I don't see the appeal in visiting a prison island either.

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Its an arcade/museum that is free to walk in. You just pay for the machines individually. Has old antique stuff, competitive stuff like air hockey, foosball, etc, photobooths, and 90s arcade machines. I had a blast when I went there and the the machines are priced pretty cheaply.

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Stalk the living shit out of the GB duders.

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Walk through the Mission in the middle of the night, naked.

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They talked about it on Idle Thumbs a few weeks ago (don't listen because they totally spoil it)

Sounds awesome and not something you can do in any town.

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Just go cruising...

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Oh and for las vegas check out the pinball hall of fame. Has a ton of pinball machines and arcade machines and prices are really cheap as it's a non-profit.


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Go find Vinny and give him a big hug.

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Go find Vinny and give him a big hug.