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Congratulations to kestrel10mn for winning Assassin's Creed II! Out of 63 contestants, his username was the one that Random Line Picker chose! 
Please read this before entering -  

All games are NTSC. There is no way for me to really verify who enters, but I'd appreciate it if you only enter if you're actually able to play these games and have interest in them! These are all my own, personal used copies of these games that I have beaten and have no interest in playing anymore. Some of the game cases got banged up slightly in the move from Texas to Oklahoma (stupid movers!), and Left 4 Dead was bought used (so it has those GameStop stickers all over it), but these games all play perfectly in my experience—this is more for people that are interested in just playing the games than collectors. Having said all that, if something happens to the game during shipping and it doesn't work for some reason, then... oh well! I'm paying for everything, and all you'll have to deal with is minor disappointment. I won't compensate you for that! 

I will be doing one of these every week until I run out of games. More games will be added as I beat and lose interest in them!

I will pick one winner using Random Line Picker and PM them asking for their mailing address and what game they want. The game will be shipped via Priority Mail with a tracking number for your convenience. (If you live in the U.S., that is. If you live anywhere else and want to enter, then you'll get some other kind of shipping speed without a tracking number!)
Dead Space for the PlayStation 3 has been added!

Xbox 360
Assassin's Creed 
Left 4 Dead 
Splinter Cell: Conviction

PlayStation 3
Dead Space

How To Play
Make one post stating your favorite Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 game of 2010.
You have until February 5th at whatever time I am awake and decide to end it. I will make a warning post one hour before I close it and select the winner.

Previous Winners
JohnAsscream - Alan Wake (X360)
kestrel10mn - Assassin's Creed II (X360)
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Wait, it had to be 2010? Shit. Let's see what I can dig up. Actually, my original answer wasn't far off. BioShock 2. That is all.

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My favorite Xbox 360 of 2010 is the one that I bought, because it obeys only my commands. MY COMMANDS!!!!!
EDIT: Well now that its fixed I should probably post a real answer.
Best game is ME2, but I guess my favorite might actually be Heavy Rain. Flawed as it is.

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I assume Xbox 360 game. Mass effect 2

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My favorite Xbox 360 of 2010 was nintendoeats'.@nintendoeats said:

" My favorite Xbox 360 of 2010 is the one that I bought, because it obeys only my commands. MY COMMANDS!!!!! "
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@nintendoeats said:
" My favorite Xbox 360 of 2010 is the one that I bought, because it obeys only my commands. MY COMMANDS!!!!! "
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My favourite PS3 of 2010 is the one I bought back in 2007, its still running strong! And its backwards compatible which is definitely awesome!
(My favourite 360 game is Mass Effect 2, which I also just picked up on PS3!)

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Bayonetta.  BAYONETTA.

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Well I played Mass Effect 2 on PC, but I'm still going to go with Mass Effect 2. It's just too good.

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Mass Effect 2

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For Xbox 360, Mass Effect 2 hands down. I put about 250 hours into that game over the course of 2010. It is perhaps the only game I played consistently throughout the year, whether it be because new DLC was released or just because I needed a fix. Even one year after release and all that time spent, I STILL plan on playing through it at least one more time before the release of Mass Effect 3.  
Unfortunately, I don't own a PS3 but I plan to remedy that within a few months. I got some catching up to do before games like Uncharted 3 come out this year.

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My favourite Playstation 3 game of 2010 was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. Really took me back to the days of pixels and brawlers, and Scott Pilgrim itself is great source material.

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My favorite game of 2010 was Mass Effect 2.

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My favorite of 2010....hmmmmm. Well to be brutally honest, while I like Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead, I have strong feelings for Digital: A Love Story. So I'll have to go with that...or NBA Jam.

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best 2010 game - Assassins Creed: Brotherhood.

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My favorite 360 exclusive of 2010 was Hydro Thunder Hurricane. Multiplatform title of 2010 that I played on the 360? Costume Quest!
By the way, what an awesome thing to do! I'd go further in telling you how cool you are, but with acts of giving, sincerity isn't easy to convey.  :)

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Red Dead was the ballsy-est game of 2010, hands down.

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ME2. Wooooooot.

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Red Dead redemption was by far my fav.  
P.S Im shootin for Splitner cell for 360. Seems no one else wants it! 

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Best 360 game was ME2. Simple. =)

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favorite game of 2010? 
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. 
@The_Laughing_Man said:

" Red Dead redemption was by far my fav.     P.S Im shootin for Splitner cell for 360. Seems no one else wants it!  "
also aiming for that.
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My favorite game of 2010 was Mass Effect 2. Thanks again for doing these.

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Alan Wake was definitely my favorite 360 game of 2010.
I guess Dragon Age Origins is out of the picture  :/

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Ass Creed Bro

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My favorite 360 game would have to be Red Dead. Haven't gotten around to some of the other big titles like ME2 or Brotherhood. 
Honorable mention goes out to Singularity though. Haven't finished it yet, but really liking it so far.

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Mass Effect 2

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Red Dead Redemption for PS3 
because 360 SUX!

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What happened to Dragon Age? I could've sworn that was on the list before. 
Also ME2 for 360.

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ME2 was easily my favorite game of 2010, RDR is a close second but nothing really comes close after that.

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Can't beat Red Dead Redemption.

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Super Meat Boy. Bought it day one for the box and played it so much. I know it doesnt love me but I loved it so much i bought it again on Steam. Unnecessary text

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My favourite game of 2010 was... 
Mass Effect 2.

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Red Dead Redemption was my favorite game from last year.

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I'm gonna go with Red Dead Redemption

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Fallout New Vegas was my favorite game of 2010.  See my prior blogs for details!  
And thanks once again for the cool contest.

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ME2 cause I played the shit outta that game and still want to go through it again. 

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At the risk of jumping on the bandwagon...Mass Effect 2.

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Starcraft II

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I played the hell out of Red Dead on PS3

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Deadly Premonition is my favorite Xbox 360 game of 2010. It is technically also on PS3 in at least SOME locations, but I played it on the 360. 
My favorite PS3 game of 2010 is God of War III. It's also the only 2010 game I played on the PS3.

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Dragon Age: Awakening on the PC. Don't have one for the consoles, but that came out on them so that counts I guess.

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My favorite for PS3 game for 2010 would be definitely Heavy Rain. Maybe even all around. Then for Xbox 360, Red Dead.

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gran turismo 5 and call of duty black ops, both for ps3 for me. i have to say that gran turismo 5 is great because it's an exclusive to ps3. i am still playing forza 3. it's good to have two competitors. 
black ops for being another great call of duty game. treyarch did a good job on the multiplayer. it seemed balance in some parts of the game than comparing it to modern warfare 2.

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Rock Band 3.  I have 420 songs for that game now.

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My favourite game was Mass Effect 2 on the 360
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Favorite 360 game from 2010... I'll go with Super Meat Boy.  Does that work?

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I suppose I'll go with Mass Effect 2 because no other game last year compelled me to keep playing like ME2 did. Luckily for me my classes at the time were easy.
Thanks for the continued contests!

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Super Meat Boy. 
Deal wid it.