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They are a volunteer fire department service, and they need a digital copy of this logo. As a volunteer FD nobody has the money or skills to do this themselves. Any help is really appreciate. Any help is much appreciated by the volunteers! Or if you know somebody who can help please share!

I can usually do some minor photoshopping, but the shield with the fire truck is impossible to me.

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Hey hi I'd be willing to do this later tonight/tomorrow, gotta go pick up a car/do some shit right now.

I assume you just want a png with a transparency around the the edge of the patch(this will take a couple minutes). I'll can also make a vector version of the logo (for t-shirts and whatnot), I'm kinda shit at illustrator though so I won't be able to repeat all the detail on the truck(This will take me longer cause I suck :P). Anyways if there's more information I need let me know, just post it here or pm me/whatever.

P.S. If someone with actual Graphic Design chops rather than just an AD sees this in the interim feel free to volunteer lol.

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Yeah, that is what we are thinking. I am not quite sure about the vector part. I think the Chief just wants it so he can put it as a letter head, they typically embroider another design. I appreciate you trying to help!

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Uploaded a version to my images. Giantbomb image preview doesn't seem to support transparency so don't worry about the black box around it that doesn't actually exist(If you click on the image it'll work correctly).

Once you've clicked on it, you should be able to download it from there. File size might be too large(I rasterized my vector mask which was a mistake) if so let me know and I'll give it another crack.

Hope that helps.

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Although it does look centered and nice, I was not trying to use the patch. I was trying to use it in a like a digital form. A flat logo.

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I started playing around with Illustrator a few months ago, so I'll give it a shot. I'll see how Illustrator's auto-vectorize thingy works out and post the results.

*Edit: It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped it might, but here is what I was able to put together quickly. I'm sure somebody with more skills (or time to go over it manually/properly) would get much, much better results than this quick and dirty auto-trace tool*

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I had some free time today so I figured I might be able to help you out. I made some tweaks to the truck to clean it up and stuff, and changed the typography. I hope that's okay. If you need a vector file or a high res file just pm an email to send it to.

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All look great, the problem is, is that I need it to have the triangular shape!

@beepmachine Can you add that triangle shape around it? Looks great!!

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weird....this is the exact same thing as what they asked me to do in my graphic design class at NAIT.