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Hey Giantbombers,

Very off-topic but I'm looking for a thinner but still classic looking wallet for about $50-$70, I want it to be durable and smart. Any suggestions?

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They make their stuff in bulk after each product has reached a certain number of backers.

Note that I don't actually have this wallet, but I am really close to picking one up myself. It's a little different buying from Gustin as you have to wait for the project to get backed before it processes and ships, but it's $20 for a handmade leather wallet.

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get a wallet that has a zipper, those are pretty handy, also make sure it holds money

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@hamst3r: Yeah that's nice. I've had the same wallet for almost 20 years now and it's finally starting to go. Definitely gonna remember this Swiss Army one when mine finally achieves complete disintegration.

When I woke up this morning I had no idea I'd be getting wallet advice. Here's to you Giant Bomb.

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I had a nice wallet once, then I lost it. Never had a wallet since; only lose cards rarely and individually now. Problem solving.

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I wanted a wallet I could keep in my front pocket and chose this one. I've had it since January and love it.

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Make Kessler proud.

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I own a small Comme Des Garcons zipper wallet, and I love that thing to death.

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I am a wallet-for-hire. You can put that $50-70 right in this hole right here.

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Don't trust that guy. His wallet hole has some undesirable stuff in it already.

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I had one of these for around 8 years and it held together surprisingly well, I only replaced it recently because I wanted something fancier.

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I got husband this one for his birthday a couple months back, and he seems to like it. I thought you might like it.

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@hamst3r said:

I like simplicity, so I bought this very basic trifold in May 2012: Alpine Swiss Lambskin Leather Wallet

It's very nice and only $10.

Nothing like perusing a wallet thread a day later than everybody else. I've had an Alpine Swiss wallet for over 5 years and it shows almost zero signs of wear. It's like a tank that was assembled using nothing but brick shit houses.

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I have a Slimmy and like it a lot. You need to fold bills, and it doesn't work well if you need to carry more than 5-6 cards, so make sure you know what you're getting into. Also keep in mind the size of your local currency. I've linked to the US version since I'm assuming you're American, but I had to buy the international one since Canadian money is taller.

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*Already walking in room* Well I'm pretty sure you'll like this bad boy!.. *Reads* ..Oh. *Looks at what's in hand* :? *blinks*

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Try explaining this one to the officer when he pulls you over.