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It's amazing how many of you have prominent lady butts for wallpaper.


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@Jackhole: Love Calvin & Hobbes. So much.

Just changed mine today from the Persona/Giant Bomb wallpaper to my favorite movie of 2012

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I have too many rotating wallpapers and not many new ones.

So here's this one that I found somewhere that I like.

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Been sporting this for a while. It's super sharp without being distracting, and it gives the desktop a relaxed feel at night. This game is great for making wallpapers.

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Here is my Current wallpaper.
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This is probably my favourite picture. No matter what the flavour of the month/week/season, at some point I always end back up with this.

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@TheVeteran13: Curious, who's the gal in the first one? She looks a lot like Susan Coffey but I'm not sure if it's her.

@TheHT: Is that from anything in particular or is it a standalone piece? Cause it's pretty cool.

Anyways, uh, here's what I was using until I saw Veteran's...

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@TheFreeMan: Miranda Kerr

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In celebration of my rediscovery of KOTOR
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You guys really love anime! I've been really into minimalist stuff these days.

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Been rocking this one for a while.

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Using this wallpaper on my computer. Looks great if you don't have any icons on your computer. From http://scottbalmer.co.uk/work/mario_items.html Desktop + iPhone + iPad. Up to 2880x1800

@TooWalrus: Are you using Rainmeter for the Persona 4 time and weather? Does it impact performance at all. I was looking into these kind of skins lately but I don't know if I want it hurting performance on my gaming PC.

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Made it after seeing the awesome drawings by muju.

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I'm using slutty Supergirl right now.

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@TheVeteran13: Thanks, duder!
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I've had this one up for a long time. I always have a wallpaper of some sort of nature pick with sun coming down. It keeps me sane.

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@Mendelson9 said:

@TooWalrus: Are you using Rainmeter for the Persona 4 time and weather? Does it impact performance at all. I was looking into these kind of skins lately but I don't know if I want it hurting performance on my gaming PC.

Yeah, I am (actually, that's the Persona 3 skin, but I've actually got Rainmeter running twice, with the Persona 4 skin on my second monitor.) It doesn't seem to effect performance at all, though I disable everything and restart my computer before starting a game that's going to tax my system.

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Who uses icons??

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I'm using a randomizer, but this is my current favorite

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Here is mine, been using this for a while now.
Just to be like everyone else, I added the widget too!
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Android 18 is appropriate for all times of the year. Added in a black bar at the bottom because my taskbar is pretty distracting if not dark.

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Ol' reliable

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I love these threads. People have some great desktops!!!!!!!!!!

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Monitor 1:

Monitor 2:

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At the moment:

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I really need a new wallpaper. I can't ever find a good one so I usually end up making my own out of art. Need suggestions!

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@cutyoface said:

That is.... BEAUTIFUL.

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And just the image if anyone's interested:

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@TheFreeMan: It's a cover for a foreign novel, the deviantART page is here.

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Alright this is my current wallpaper.

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You will get black bars on the side but I don't mind since that is where I put my icons. 

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I am currently using screen caps from giant bombs goty and some of the Pixelized Giant bomb staff stuff from around the forums. 
This one is my favorite: 

 Or maybe this one: 
This shot of Mr Vinny isn't bad either: 
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I have a bunch on rotation. My favorite:

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Only had it about a week, I'd love a dynamic Reaper walking one though.
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@awesomeusername: Wow, that is my exact wallpaper as well. You have good taste kind sir.

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@iBePeRFeCT: Well then you have great taste also sir. It really is an awesome picture. I just actually found it after seeing this thread and thinking I needed some new wallpapers.

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A Classic
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I have a small folder of Patrick in various landscapes. I find them to be amusing.

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My desktop background is also my profile background.