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I cannot take full credit for this, but i made this from @lava's rendition for the new bombcast image. I really liked my work and decided to turn it into a wallpaper. Anyway the starry wallpaper is my wallpaper for the foreseeable future (there was a red version but this version is a million times better) I am using the no logo version (more in my gallery)

This is so going on my desktop right now. Cheers!

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Couldn't help but set this as my wallpaper when I saw it.

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Have this across two monitors. Looks pretty good

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@alexandersheen: Dohohoho. You still have much to learn if you wish to surpass me, young one.

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Scientist bunny and an orange

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Have this across two monitors. Looks pretty good

wallpapers like this make me wish I had two monitors.

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Made my Giantbomb wallpaper with SupernormalStep's work because I wanted a wallpaper with the whole crew.

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It's got the whole crew. Perfect.

I've recently been using this.

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I typed white death and this is what came up. Me like

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I want to see more.

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Despite the brown color I've been rocking this Boba Fett one for a good while now.

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@animasta: Really?


Wasn't there a character in the Zeno Clash 2 QL that was named Animasta? I saw it during the forest part, and had to go back and check, but I'm pretty sure it's the "female" one.

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@animasta said:

@aegon said:

@animasta: Really?


Wasn't there a character in the Zeno Clash 2 QL that was named Animasta? I saw it during the forest part, and had to go back and check, but I'm pretty sure it's the "female" one.

it is! (she is the inspiration for my username, though it was just because I thought the name was pretty cool)

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@animasta: Oh! I assume that means she was in the first Zeno Clash as well. I honestly thought it was this crazy coincidence, but that's pretty cool.

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iPhone edition x3

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Hi guys, I have tried to google it up, but to no joy so thought I'd just ask for it - in [a video] I watched on here recently someone had a lovely wallpaper with the design from the 2013 members tee on it. Would one of you be so kind as to point me in the direction of where someone might find it please?

Many thanks :)

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This, because I can't think of anything more badass.

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who goes to Astronomy Pic of the Day. I have a ton of those that just rotate. The lightning striking a volcano one was my iPad backdrop for a while until I found the Space Shuttle bridge pic.

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@1der: thank you very much you wonderful duder!

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Been playing FEZ and even though pretty much every part of the game can be made into a beautiful wallpaper, these two are my favourite. I actually tried to screencap a glitched out version of the main story but after several failed attempts I just went with the original.

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Been using the Persona pic for a while but I'm gonna switch to this Arcanine one I just found.

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It's pretty great. Also kind of a shame how much these threads have slowed down since they stopped being monthly.

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i prefer to keep my desktop clean but i use Bowtie to show what's playing in itunes. i had a boards of canada wallpaper before but i switched to default recently

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I'm currently in the deepest of Fire Emblem: Awakening holes and found this sweet wallpaper depicting most of the characters in the game. Just started using this on my secondary monitor. Enjoy, brahs. And yes, I cut shit off the bottom for the edited versions.

1280 x 720 (16:9)
1280 x 800 (16:10)
Original version (1280 x 853)

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@subjugation: Very pretty. Definitely going in my Wallpaper folder.

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City overview wallpapers are a bit bland and generic for some people, but I love the colors in this shot.

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Why? Just 'cause.

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Here are some of my favorites from my (now giant, thanks to these threads!) folder:

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Here you go

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@deusx: I'm seeing Swans this summer. Just got my ticket. Too happy.

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Been using this for some time now.

Last Light is a very good looking game.

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Switched to this yesterday. A stupidly impressive detail shot, it's insane it's only in the movie for about 3 seconds or so considering the amount of detail in it.

Oh Shinkai.

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@cirdain: Oh yes! They've got some amazing pictures on that site.

@alekss Dara!

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@rjayb89: Just in case you or anyone else was curious, here's the biggest version of that Fire Emblem wallpaper:

1350 x 900

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New wallpaper, and this time not pony! (don't worry though my other monitor is still rocking with the pony people :D)

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@fattony12000: Brian Blessed and Goldie, drinking White Ace, riding a Henry and a Dyson? What is going on?