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I mean free computers are nice but I don't know if I will have any use for them. any ideas?

#2 Posted by Jams (3043 posts) -

YES. I always take free old computers. But that's because I like collecting them.

#3 Posted by BigJeffrey (5137 posts) -

Free is FREE, take em.

#4 Posted by TruthTellah (9651 posts) -

@devil240z: Yes. Take em. Maybe make one into just a streaming box or something.

Or sell them on ebay for like $100. Just as parts if necessary. People still buy older stuff like that.

That, or you could donate them later if you don't find a use for them.

#5 Posted by kindnivore (2954 posts) -

I have no idea what a G3 iMac and G3 iBook are, but I say take them. You may find some cool use for them down the road, or just trash them if you don't find it.

Get yourself a wireless keyboard/mouse, hook up the iBook to your TV with PLEX, and use it as your media center! That's what I've done, except with the incredibly underpowered Samsung Chromebook.

#6 Posted by Kidavenger (3919 posts) -

They are atleast 10 years old, not compatible with any current software, pretty much garbage, I wouldn't bother.

#7 Posted by JohnTunoku (229 posts) -

Maybe find someone who might actually need them?

#8 Posted by Viking_Funeral (2180 posts) -

Unless you have a premium on space, take 'em. There are so many little things you could do with them.

#9 Posted by MB (14364 posts) -

Take them for free and then find a local home for homeless or abused kids that could use them for basic internet access or something like that.

#10 Posted by Missacre (568 posts) -

I wouldn't bother taking them, even if they were free. Aside from the fact that they're Apple products, they're technologically ancient, and really have no use for anything.

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Take them and do something stupid with them. They are PowerPC based which will make software support hard, but I'm sure something supports them. If it fails you could give them to someone with no computer or a shortage like MB said. Which is far less stupid.

Hell, send one to me and I'll do stupid shit to it. A fully functioning computer is still a computer even if it can't play Crysis 3 at 60 fps. Plus, a CRT is kind of cool these days.

Old computers have a following. Those are too old, but not too too old. Someone might be interested in them because they used them as a kid. I used an iMac G3 in my youngin' days in middle school so I have a soft spot for them. I doubt if I'm the only one. Someone might buy one from you just to smell 15 years ago.

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If the laptop works i'd take it, it doesn't take up much space and i'm sure you can find some minor use for it. The imac on the other is pretty large and not going to help you in any meaningful way.

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Gut the iMac and make a small aquarium. You will have to find the latest build of any browser that supported PowerPC to get proper use out of the iBook.

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oh there was also a powermac g4 too. might turn that one into a kitchen computer.

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If the offer is legit then yes take them. If you don't need or want them you can always sell them.