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I seriously cannot believe my eyes. I am looking at a massive advertisement for eHarmony RIGHT UNDER a friend's name, info, mutual friends, likes, etc area. RIGHT UNDER IT, integrated into the profile.

Then I scroll down and there is actually a spot in the middle of another persons timeline... with an ad.

Do I have an adware virus or has Facebook just sunk to a new low?

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Man this is getting Myspace crazy..

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I was gonna say you were wrong, but then I remembered that I installed AdBlock a while ago to get Tested to run with the old header. So, uh, I have no idea. I haven't seen anybody complain on my FB, so I'm guessing it's a terrible adware virus.

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Couldn't tell ya... I run adblock extension on chrome. I never see any ads.

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I'm gonna try to install this adblock thing. EDIT: Turns out that I had somehow gotten some "crapware" that installed a "codec" as an extension which allowed for all these ads. FALSE ALARM

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I am not seeing said Ads.

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May want to update your antivirus.

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@crusader8463: 'twas not antivirus... it was from one of the Facebook scam programs. My roomate had my computer the other day, but wouldn't it then be linked to her profile? I'm using Windows 8 which has MSE integration

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Adblock + NoScript has pretty much ensured I've remained oblivious to the fact that ads exist online. I'm constantly surprised when people complain to me about ads on youtube.

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A whole business based on selling your information and posting ads? You don't say.

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Seeing none of it, got no adblockers installed.

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I think it's about time I installed this AdBlock thing.

Edit: Dude that was easier than I thought it'd be.

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Turned off Adblock and refreshed Facebook and good god man. Amazing just how well Adblock does what it's supposed to. I still rather Catblock.

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The TC should stop using Internet Explorer. I never noticed since I don't see ads.

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The ads don't seem to be that intrusive, on timeline they're off to the side and take up a small area. Also it says I should like Applebees, I love applebees!!

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I think the site is painful for all sorts of reasons.

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I didn't see any ads, then again I only looked at one friend's profile.

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@Mikemcn said:

Also it says I should like Applebees, I love applebees!!

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Ad. Block. Plus.

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I have never seen ads on Facebook. Ever.