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Let's do it >:(

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I'm not with Virgin and I never will be either.

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titties all over the place lol

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GW? lol

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tekmojo said:
"titties all over the place lol"
That's just Tania.

You should all listen to the rest of IPower's videos on the subject. It's the truth. Take a stand.
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Well that fucking blows. Thank god I don't use Virgin anything.

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DoctorTran said:
"Well that fucking blows. Thank god I don't use Virgin anything."
It's not just Virgin. If you use Comcast, you're pretty much fucked as well. Along with most (if not all) other major ISP's. I'm telling you- watch the other IPower clips.
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Lol, Virgin can't destroy the internet.

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Yeah, damn the man! And damn virginity! It sucks!

Wait, are we talking about Sir Dick Branson?

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Whatever, Net Neutrality is unAmerican. If a company wants to provide a service, they have the right to decide who gets it and how.
Fucking Europeans and Democrats want to regulate it way too excessively. (Not that the Republicans have their head on straight about the internet. Hence, Libertarianism!)

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Good thing I'm not with Virgin. But oh no I'm with Tiscali they're even worse!

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It sucks and I don't think enough people will really care in the end.

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It's the single reason why I will not join Virgin's fiber optic broadband. Their deal is about as good as what we're paying now, but fuck it, I'd rather have a worse connection that allows me access to all of the internet, at a constant speed, regardless of whether they're being paid by certain content providers.

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i was looking at the girl haha

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I will hopefully be boycotting virginity this evening.

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I have never in my life used a Virgin product.

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Not even olive oil?

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Greatest response ever, vaxadrin. Just make sure you don't use that stuff as lubricant.

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Hell yeah we need to boycott them!

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I'm confuse what's the question?

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as soon as i heared her say internet neutrality, i stopped watching. its a load of bullshit and isnt going to happen

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Damn cyber hippies!

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Awwww, but Richarde Branson, Richard Branson...Richaaaard Braaansoooon.

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SlowHands said:
"Damn cyber hippies!"
You're an idiot.
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Damn, this really is a cheat. More people should know about this. Sda;y I think Virgin might be too big to be taken down by a boycott and for anybody who is with Virgin its not the easiest thing to do, immediately boycotting all their products.

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It's not just Virgin.

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i remember sending a email to the bombcast with a link to this video asking if they could talk about in during the podcast, this was when the site was still in blog form

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Seems like a good cause, even if they did make it seem a little bit college hippie fight the man style lol.