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Yo, so, I like webcomics and plenty of y'all probably like webcomics too, so I thought there should be a thread about them and now there is!

I only follow 4 closely; Questionable Content (stupid comedy thing, it's not very good but I like it anyway), Gunnerkrigg Court (Harry Potter + Robots and Gods, it's my favorite personally), Oglaf (the best sex comedy out there, and very NSFW for the most part) and Dr. Mcninja (he is a doctor and also a ninja, you see), but there are plenty I like and just check occasionally. This is a thread for recommending, talking, whining, whatever! talk about your favorites, talk about recent comics, or we could just hate on Ctrl Alt Del if that's your fancy :)

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Some of my favorites include:

Extra Ordinary
Extra Life
Cyanide and Happiness

There are more, but I can't think of them right

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I used to have a good 30+ webcomics I read regularly before I cut down on a lot of crap that didnt grab me anymore. These days the list is just:

Looking for Group

Darwin Carmichael is Going To Hell

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella

Least I Could Do


Sequential Art



LFG and LICD are some pretty old favourites, LFG being a pretty solid comic imo (LICD has it's dull strips occasionally). Darwin Carmichael is a mish mash of every religious myth and tale in one world and features probably one of my favourite, unluckiest main characters since Rincewind from Discworld. Wonderella is an often times cynical, but hilarious parody of comics, Wonder Woman and Villainous Nazi Antagonists.Gutters is mostly taking the piss out of whatever is happening in comics as well. Oglaf is NSFW and all the better for it, featuring cum sprites, fantasy tropes, SEXY fantasy tropes and D&d jokes. It also has an abundance of sex. POWER NAP is a great looking graphic novel being put together about a man named Drew and his severe inability to get some fucking sleep when everyone else in the world doesnt need to. Also dream demons and staplers.Sequential Art is by far my favourite featuring anthro characters and a tirade of hilarious jokes and cast. Also squirrels.

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Most of the ones I enjoyed have been discontinued. The one current one that I read is Megacynics. Discontinued ones that are worth going through the backlog of include:

  • Korea
  • Things My Cat Hates (Unfortunately the inspiration for this comic passed away last night)
  • Sexy Losers (which I won't link to because it's NSFW, even by Giant Bomb standards)
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@mandude: I just follow QC because it's the only one that updates daily honestly.

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First webcomic I've ever read, kind of a classic: Bob & George

Thanks for the suggestions on this thread. I haven't followed webcomics in a few years, now I have a nice list of things to read :)

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@Animasta said:

@mandude: I just follow QC because it's the only one that updates daily honestly.

Strange. That's exactly why I have trouble following Dinosaur Comics.