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Dunno, maybe this?

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Black pudding. I didn't know it was made from blood until years after I had eaten it, and have not tried it since. I'm not the type of person who will try anything just once for the experience, not at all.

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Something that I was told (afterwards) was called Fish Stomach Soup. It was like chicken noodle, but imagine if they had thrown some gelatin in there.

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Beef intestines. Chicken neck. Pig fat soup.


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Why can't I just feel bad?

Not saying you can't. I was just curious as it doesn't make sense to me that you would feel bad for one and not the others.

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Rattlesnake and Poptarts. No really. We were camping and we killed a rattlesnake, cooked it in bacon grease, and had Poptarts in the same meal. :-)

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Ate a mealworm once. Like, the ones you're supposed to feed to reptiles.

And some weird wasabi dried seaweed shit that I really fucking hated.

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Fish jello.

I can't think of anything strange in my Asian travels. I do love me some chicken feet during dim sum, though.

I've seen someone eat shrimp heads. I was pulling them off the shrimp and what was odd to me, was that it was an older white man who asked if I was going to eat them. He scarfed one down, stated it was his favorite part. I gave it a little nibble, but I couldn't get past eating the shell.

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It has become sort of a tradition for myself and some friends to eat a raw fish heart during our yearly fishing trip. Drunk people I tell ya.

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@pimblycharles: Yup I was picky about the preparation of conch I chose off a menu. Fried and crispy in salad worked out ok.

@sergio said:

Chicken feet.

I looked at a bucket of fresh chicken feet in the Chinese grocery just this morning.

Most socially unusual food would be thinly sliced raw horse in Japan. Very fatty.

Most WTF Am I Eating? is definitely Japanese pizza. For those who don't instantly understand the concept, think one topping per slice. Here's your one slice with asparagus, here's one with corn, here's one with egg, here's unspecified seafood with hollandaise sauce... this pattern repeated several times in different places, including some of the better Italian joints in Tokyo....

When my sister-in-law eats shrimp sashimi, they are normally served as whole shrimp. We have lots of photos of her letting the head stick out of her mouth. T_T

For the record I think eating any animal while it's still alive is about the most animalistic and barbaric thing imaginable.

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I swallowed a bee once when I was on a bouncy castle. Freaked me out. Other than that, hmm well I've been a chef for about 14 years so all kinds of stuff, although I don't think it gets weirder than bee.

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I've eaten one of those duck eggs with a fetus it in, it looks terrible but doesn't taste that bad.

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in gaming: a giant toe !

in real life: hohos cake with ants flavor (i didn't see them) !

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Well Im rather , how I put it .... not adventurous in terms of food , so the most weird stuff I have eaten was squid and I fucking hated it (I was forced to eat it) , so yeah it most be tame in comparrisson to the rest of you duders

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There's a food market near my uni that sells Ostrich burgers. Me and few friends bought some for shits and giggles, they tasted surprisingly good.

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Haggis. It's actually not bad. It's not something I would order in a restaurant or try to cook, but if offered on a cracker or something i'll eat it. It's just lamb organ meat ground smooth with some spices and fat. The cooking inside sheep's stomach is an optional. Apparently most commercially sold haggis is made in ordinary sausage casing.,

Keep in mind, though, that I am an extremely picky eater and will reject a lot of things out of hand without even considering it. So haven't eaten much in the way of weird.

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I've never really went too weird in my culinary experiences. Alligator sausage is the only thing I can think of. It was so good too.

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I've eaten bushmeat in Sudan of a few different varieties. Some kind of rat and a couple of wild birds. All tasted pretty good. Also had a variety of different deep friend and sauteed insects in Thailand. The smaller insects are actually tasty, but the ones with larger abdominal cavities are downright revolting. It's the texture...almost like dirt mixed with butter.

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@tycobb said:

@mocca_bear said:

Whale... Felt bad when I was rating it...

Why? Do you feel bad when you eat any other meat or fish?

I'd say there is a fairly big difference between eating Beef bred in absurdly large numbers for food vs eating what is in the grand scheme of things a pretty rare and special kind of wild animal.

As far as weird things I've eaten... I dunno prawn heads or grubs?

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Ogbono. In an African restaurant called Jolly J's. It was like jellified brown snot with flecks of blood in it and you could see pieces of windpipe. I was the one to order it but it turned out we were all sharing and that was a massive relief. I put my spoon in and scooped some up but the rest of the bowl pulled it all back in again. It was like watching that guy on Deep Space 9 going into his bucket. I've loved all the usual nonsense like alpaca, guinea pig, intestines, testicles - but man, that ogbono gave me post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Durian (it's a fruit)...tasted worse than it smelled.

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@baltimore said:

Durian (it's a fruit)...tasted worse than it smelled.

Man, I love durians... Bad durian tastes like cardboard porridge, but good durian can taste and smell so sickeningly sweet, like a very potent kind of custard.

I think the weirdest-tasting fruit I've eaten are dragon fruits. I kinda get why some like it but ugh, slimy and crunchy?

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Either hand sanitizer or a full glass of white vinegar. I'm an easy person to dare.

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Goanna. They're actually a protected species and ive felt guilty ever since. A mate shot it with a sling shot when I was in the army.

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@icemo said:

Mämmi is not that weird for finnish people, but it might look weird for foreigners since it looks like poop. Some say it even tastes like poop but I have never eaten poop so I can't confirm. But I think it tastes good...

If your shit looks like that mate i'd seriously consult a doctor. Looks like a piece of smokers lung actually.

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Alligator tail. Probably not that weird, all things considered. Tasted kind of like steak.

Also rocky mountain oysters. Deep-fried bull balls.

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This is probably the weirdest thing I've eaten: