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I just finished my term tests for university and it was really really stressing. But my interest in games is ever-decreasing, and I feel like making some music. I do have guitar pro 6, but it's not like i could do anything too meaningful with it, either i don't know how to make the sounds more authentic, or that the engine just can't do stuff like other studio software. So my question is, can you recommend some good/easy/helpful music making software so my Christmas break would be much less boring? thanks in advance.

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I'm a little trolly tonight, but hey if you can play... go for it.


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Fruity Loops

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Cakewalk SONAR and Pro Tools are cool. 
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" Fruity Loops "
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download samples and use any video or audio editing program

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The problem with musik and musik edeting programs is that they usualy are crasy ekspensiv. but i would recomend Sonar or Nuendo ( Nuendo = CRAZY EXPENSIVE)

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" Reason "
Reaktor 5, Rammfire ( imo, the best multi distortion effect), and of course Logic. If you got the money then you also can't go wrong with Pro Tools
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Thanks everyone.
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I'm a little trolly tonight, but hey if you can play... go for it.


ummmm... wow. In fact, I do write songs and play the guitar (and sing). Problem is, I want to spice up my songs with drums and basslines.
Logic looks really good. Sigh, but being a mere college student who doesn't even know if he wants to pursue a music career or not...
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" @Axxol said:
" Fruity Loops "
Looks pretty alright, but i heard it was more for trance? I'm going to give it a try. Thanks.