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Vinny uses "MindCavity" which is just awesome.

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@WoodenPlatypus said:
The one's where they're like "A fat old man" so it says "You killed A Fat Old Man"  I prefer usernames/gamertags to be something different or funny instead of stupid ones like xiRapiiDZz o (made that one up, it's pretty easy) A friend of mine invited someone called Open Wide Darling to our party the other day. Great Gamertag.
My old teacher's gamertag is "A Fat Baby" so that when he killed people it would say "You were killed by A Fat Baby".
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When looking for something in Google I ran across a forum with this username/av combo: 

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Remember playing an xbox live match with someone called 'DID YOU C THAT BLAD'. My mates invited him to the party chat, and to no surprise he was your typical UK G from London.
That username isn't possible on Xbox Live due to character restrictions though? You can have that as your username without the spaces however.
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I've always been a fan of Designer Dave's "Enemykite".

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Gandhi is always a good one. Killed by a pacifist, classic.

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Back in the Halo 2 days, I remember stumbling across somebody who was literally called "Matched Player". Which is what the game would say whenever it had matchmade players with you, right before it loads up their individual Gamertags.

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During my PC cafe/Counterstrike days, I would just make my name "Who." I'd get a chuckle every time I died with the bomb and someone would call out "Who dropped the bomb!"

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Brian McIrish.

Yes, yes. I am (one of many I'm sure) who decided to list one of my own... But nah, I'll admit that in the grand spectrum of potential usernames, it's literally the greatest username ever conceived.

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No friends only anime


Pooptart (typo apparently)



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I saw a guy in DotA 2 named "She said she was level 18".

That was pretty good.

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Unstackable Steaks.

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@marino: My favorite food joint in Santa Destroy.

Mine has to be Dubstep Origami. My friend and I were playing Modern Warfare 3 on PS3 when that ID showed up on the enemy team and we both lost it. No idea why. I've seen funnier names but that one stuck with me really well.

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For here... My username, Aurahack, Claude, Lordofultima, GlenTennis, and Winternet. Some more I can't remember.

Everywhere else... too many.

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Sackmanjones is the best god damn username on the planet.

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Doug_Funney. What a stupid name.

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My friends little brother uses ObamasTaxes which sort of makes me giggle.

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Mjr BowelMVMNT was the best name I ever saw, in my early days on XboxLIVE. Almost bust a gut laughing.

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Played against a guy named JesusPlaysMetal on Gears 2 a couple of times, which I got a laugh out of.

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In the early days of the 360 I came across a gamertag on GRAW call 'assfacemcblojob'.

Don't know what happened to him since.

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Lando Jizzmeister. I can't help but imagine a lot of chest hair and a nasty sperm odor.

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I like Jeff's MonsterDunk a lot and am kind of envious because I suck with creative usernames.

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"His Meat" hands down. This was a character's name in Asheron's Call way back when. In that game, when you were killed there was a regional message that detailed what killed you.

"Lithos Lugian beat His Meat into oblivion!"

"Ash Gromnie split His Meat in twain!"

"Drudge Stalker smashed His Meat so hard the ground shook!"

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So when people recognise me they'll just go Hey! ItsThatAsianBoy

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I just met "Slightly drunk hobo" in a Chivalry game. The thought of a hobo in a knights armor made me chuckle.

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I've always like the name Delta Ass, who I think is on this website. Or on one of the livestreams: BBW loves Doritos.

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Just to name a few:

  • Major Molesto
  • Ryan Davis