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Knights of Cydonia by Muse is pretty nuts.

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Pussy by Rammstein  

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  No better.
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ladies and gentlemen, i give you, the true lord of the dance!: 

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@Donkeysraliens said:

" ladies and gentlemen, i give you, the true lord of the dance!: 

  I love this video too. Other great dance video clip:

A very classic one:

There are many others, but I can't remember now.
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  It's not my favorite song, but this video is just awesome.
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I just saw this video from M.I.A. and I thought it was cool enough to share with GiantBomb.

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Space age love song 
Take on me 

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  This, because of how terribly amateurish it is.
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  I love this video so much.
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@yakityyakblah:  Rabbit In Your Headlights is a great choice.
  This is a good one. Most of Chris Cunningham's stuff is pretty good, but this is my personal favourite. I can't really think of any more at the minute though. Brainfart.
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Dream Theater - Forsaken

Celtic Frost - A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh

Dir En Grey - Obscure (this one is very NSFW)
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Drop by the Pharsyde
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Hah, I knew someone would post Obscure, great song.  That video is FUCKED though.  Huge strap-ons with baby heads at the end of them = win 
Here's a few videos from Ohgr, the lead singer from Skinny Puppy's side project.  They kind of remind me of Tool videos....which I'm surprised no one has posted.

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Two of my favoritiest videos ever. Also, wasn't there a thread just like this one up a few days ago?
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Can't embed it off youtube but Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly is pretty awesome

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Clearly this one! It's humor, it's serious and it's ... cool! - watch from start till end, it's worth it. 8 mins. long 
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  This song just becomes so much better when you watch the video, and it is already a great song.  
Also it is the song that plays during the Mass Effect 1 credits I believe.
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" The Collector by NIN is neat: 
Vermillion by Slipknot: 
Anything at all from Tool (except Hush, that was before the claymation awesomeness) 
Change (In the House of Flies) by the Deftones: 
Dig by Mudvayne (no idea why, but I love this one.) 
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIqbdnaPcT8 Thats all I can think up at this second.   "
That Mudvayne video was insane.
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I think there was a thread about this very recently. Oh well, it's always fun with a new one! 

  Beautiful music video! M83 is a fuckin' awesome band too.
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Thriller- Michael Jackson (still one of my favorites) 
Out Of The Dark- Falco (a nice retrospective of the man) 
Every Breath You Take- The Police (awesome style) 
Imagine- John Lennon (simple and stunning) 
These Are The Days Of Our Lives- Queen (the last video Freddie Mercury did before his death)

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  Old coldplay videos were good, The Scientist and Yellow especially. However, this one is the best I can think of. I don't particularly like the music but the video matches so perfectly, it deserves to be on this page. 

  Honourable mention to Rammstein:
  ...and weezer