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Topic says it all. What kind of games do you usually purchase? I, myself, am a sucker for any good Single-Player action/adventure/horror titles. If you can give me a good game that I can enjoy -on my own- then I'll be a happy gamer. I'm not too fond of those co-op only experiences, mainly because they tend to outright kill the atmosphere and vibe of an experience. I don't like when one player rushes in, fools around and proceeds towards goals while I'm just going with the flow. And yeah, even friends on the same couch can do that. Oddly enough, I found Gears 3 and RE5 much more fun to be played on my own, even though they were built for co-op.

So, what games could make me happy? Recent games like Uncharted, Max Payne, Castlevania, Alan Wake, Enslaved, Rage ( I liked it, yeah! ) God of War and so on. Even if most of them have relatively short (compared to long-ass games) campaigns, I can end up playing these games over and over for years to come. During those boring evenings, I can sit down, take one random action game off my shelf, spin the disc and have a blast. Even if I beat it five times already.

I know that a lot of people would mention games like Fallout and Skyrim, but strangely, these are the games that I find the less value in. These type of games never quite manage to hold my attention and if I play more than 30 hours of these superb western RPG's, that would end up being quite a feat. I recently acquired Xenoblades, because it was apparently the next coming of Christ for the JRPG's, but alas, after fifteen hours, I never touched it again.

So there it is, folks! I'm a minute-to-minute action junkie for my games. Which type of games will you spend your dough on?

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Only the games Jeff says are good, duh!!

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Ones that are on sale usually. Games recommended to me by friends. Personally I'm a sucker for good rpgs and shooters. I tend to avoid games I don't know anything about.

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good games?

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Stealth games. I have all of the Metal Gear games, Splinter Cell games, Hitman, etc etc. I also have most of the Tom Clancy games. I like stealth and strategy.

I also like a lot of western and crpgs like the Fallout series, elder scrolls, mass effect, and a bunch of crpgs that will take a while to name.

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@Phatmac said:

good games?

It's like if you asked me '' what do you want to do of your life '' and I'd answer, '' do something and then eventually but surely die ''. Ah!

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@Vinny_Says said:

Only the games Jeff says are good, duh!!

looks at name. looks at quote. Now I'm confused.

@Phatmac said:

good games?


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Friends and reviews are all good.

BUT back in the day I would just walk into a store, look at a box that looked kinda cool and would just go for it. I found lots of gems but also some bad games. Its the thrill of the unknown I guess.

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Well... a lot of different things, really. Pretty much anything that isn't a sports game or dating sim.

However, I'd say that a large percentage of what I play are first person shooters of some sort. I'm a sucker for anything that's in first person and has a gun. Good ones, bad ones, whatever - give me a good gun, workable controls, and some fuckers to shoot, and I'm good for a few playthroughs.

On a different note, find some better co-op friends. They don't all play like assholes.

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I only buy games that will last me a while; the rest are rented as I finish games rather quickly.

If you mean the kinds of games I prefer: any that are not sports games, simulation games, racing games or games with a primarily co-op focus. From Catherine to Modern Warfare 3 to StarCraft II, I'm a fan of several kinds. My interest doesn't revolve around certain genres.

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I buy games I am familiar with, or games that are getting great reviews. That is how I bought Bioshock, and coming in blind to that game was amazing.

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My favorite types of games are online mmo style titles. But aside from those, I enjoy story centric games. Stuff like Mass Effect, Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption, etc... sure those have good gameplay too, but I'm in it for the story.

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@Irvandus said:

Ones that are on sale usually. Games recommended to me by friends. Personally I'm a sucker for good rpgs and shooters. I tend to avoid games I don't know anything about.

this, except sometimes I do get a game that i dont know anything about that people recommend to me.

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Adventure games like Uncharted or Alan Wake, those are my favourites. I also love unique games, that present new experiences, like Catherine and Deadly Premonition.

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No sports, no hard core simulators and no JRPGS. Everything else is fair game.

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I follow developers I like. Also games that try for a little something different. I'll take a unique but flawed game over a pristine and generic one.

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I don't really have a favorite genre. I love any game with a good story/style that doesn't play terribly.

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I'm sillilar to Jeff in that I end up buying almost everything.

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Good games

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Arcade racing, kart racing, platformers, shooters with multiplayer that have a player count higher than 16.

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I buy games when I think I will enjoy them, though I usually wait for a good sale.

#22 Posted by kenharkey7 (7 posts) -

Mostly indie games lately such as whatever is in the humble bundle (plus im broke). Adventure and RPG are also high on my list

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I usually do a fair amount of research on a game I might buy. I can't recall that last time I made a purchase and was disappointed... Very particular, I suppose. I lean toward RPG, action, adventure, and certain multiplayer genres like FPS or fighting.

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I love Bethesda works like TES and Fallout. (In short words, alot of single player action).

Adventure is also my kind of genre, I love the Uncharted series.

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I'm a sucker for Survival Horror and beautiful art styles.

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It is better the other way around .... I dont like sport/racing games , simulators (outside of space sims like Xwing) , dating sims , and exlusively multiplayer games (like Team Forterss 2) also the pet gathering ones (pokemon included ) .... outside of that everything is fair game , if they are good games tho :P

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RPGs, third-person action and FPS's. Actually, I can't recall the last FPS I bought but in the 2000's I was really into them so I have quite a few in my game library. These days it's primarily just RPGs and third-person action games such as Uncharted, Assassin's Creed and Saints Row.

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Just about anything that's not a sport, casual, or indie game.

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RPGs and fighters are the ones typically at the top of my list, but I'll get anything that grabs my attention regardless of genre.

Although I do tend to stay away from zombie games, cause I was sick of zombies 10 years ago.

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At the very top of my list is SRPG (Final Fantasy Tactic type), along with most JRPG (Baten Kaitos type), preferably turn-based. Strategy games like Advance Wars or Civilisation/Age of Empires figures very highly as well. I should not forget top line racing games (Forza or GT). Kind of trails off after that.

What I don't buy ever is wrestling games. It is the only genre I won't touch. I don't care for shooters, especially FPS, mainly because they are boring and make me sick (motion). I am not into puzzlers in the slightest. However, I will usually try the top rated games in most genres, just to see if they "click" with me.

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Open-world games (Assassin's Creed, Saint's Row, Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, etc). They're generally my favourite type of game and usually have a solid hour/dollar/entertainment value.

I'm also a huge sucker for four player, full campaign co-op and I'll typically buy them if they're any good and my buds all agree to buy it too.

(I also used to buy EA NHL every second year but I haven't really been into it the last few years, maybe next year)

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i seldom buy games. i tend to buy a game and then play the heck out of it. Or sometimes go crazy on Steam.

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Games that have amazing visual styles that I simply cannot ignore (Fez, El Shaddai and Child of Eden for example) are usually bought by me Day 1 or whenever I am able to find them (took me ages to come across a copy of El Shaddai).

After that, just games in any genre in general that I hear is good from various sources and tickle my interest at the time as I don't like to limit myself to just a few genres. So pretty much anything from racing to fighting, shooting to simulation, strategy to tactics. Literally anything so long as there's some entertainment to be had in it. If I see some content of the game and it turns out uninteresting to me then of course I'll pass on it unless it's on a sale low enough that I would consider buying it.

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All types of games. 

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I usually buy games that I know are from competent developers, and I try and watch the Quick Looks before making my mind, whether I wanna hand over my hard earned cash, or not. I don't have a particular genre of games that I immediately go for. It's good to try and bit of everything. But if I had to pick a genre, I think I'd go for RPGs. I'm a sucker for a good role playing game.

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Video Games

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I play all sorts of games, but I mostly stick to RPGs and action games. I've been on a big stealth game kick lately.

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I go for either games that build an emotional investment in like a Mass Effect or Bioshock, or a podcast game with great mechanics like Jetpack Joyride or MW3. Admittedly however there are outliers like Saints Row where the stories incredible but I can play for five hours and do two missions, or Dance central that you can't really listen to a podcast while playing (and for that matter has the story i'm looking for most this year, going back in time to solve dance crimes)

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Usually RPG. Ones with swords.

And games with flashy combo based combat and high amounts of blood.


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I have a broad span of likes, mostly nowadays I soley purchase 360 and steam games. On steam I go for the point-and-click adventure, any crazy cheap, and action adventure game.

On 360, I go for puzzle/action-adventure/RPG/horror/Sci-fi/child <-- by this I mean I love all the lego games, banjoo kazooie, fairytale fights, disney universe etc..

#41 Posted by BeachThunder (12427 posts) -

The more points a game has the more likely that I will be interested:

  • Puzzles/problem solving = +3
  • Good visual design = +3
  • Sci-fi = +2
  • First person = +2
  • Interesting story/premise = +2
  • Interesting game mechanics = +1
  • Horror = +1
  • Good humour = +1
  • No concrete ending/unfinishable = -3
  • Generic/uninspired/derivative setting = -5
  • Multiplayer only = -15
  • Sports related = -15
#42 Posted by Flawed_System (384 posts) -

Single Player Action/Adventure/RPG

I'll play almost anything to be honest. Not a huge fan of puzzle games, platformers, football, tennis, ping pong, golf, baseball, and soccer games.

#43 Posted by Klei (1768 posts) -

That is good. Keep em' going.

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I will buy any game that looks entertaining and I'm a fan of almost any genre. Most I grab when they are around $19.99-$29.99. Very few games I'll spend full price on. Sim/Arcade Racers, Action/Adventure, WRPGS, Sim/Strat games, Fighting, FPS, TPS, Rhythm games, some Puzzle games (like Portal), Platformers, some Sports (FIFA, Tennis and NHL games mostly)

Games I hardly ever play or buy. Point and click adventure games, Handhelds, most puzzle games, JRPGs (Lost Odyssey was the last one that really drew me in), most Sports (Madden, NBA, Golf, Baseball anything else not listed above.)

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Games that are good, games that I want to support, and games that are not developed/published by Capcom.

#47 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5818 posts) -

mostly games that look like they have a solid single player campaign. 
I also like puzzle games. Last one I bought was Picross 3D. so good.

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peice of the pixle im your missing part

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I'll start by saying this three of my top games from the last handful of years have been Alan Wake, Bayonetta, and Neir. I'm willing to overlook a few mechanical snags if I find the narrative fascinating enough. On the other hand a mindless campy action adventure beatemup with clockwork precision controls also tickle my fancy. So mainly action adventures and RPG's with a select number of fighters thrown in.

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Im not genre, or a specific brand loyalist so whatever i am feeling at the time. My recent visit to the store i purchased Heavy Rain, Killzone 3, Singularity, and Dead Space 2 for my consoles, and have been playing Plants vs Zombies, and FEAR 3 on PC.