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I'm noticing an increasing trend of bots spamming those "I make $x per hour working at home, click this link to do so too", especially here on GB videos and news posts. Are these the new generation of phishing emails or are they called something else?

Also, wtf are they trying to achieve?

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These are actually really old and have been around for a long time. They are simply phishing scams and they hope to achieve some idiot clicking on the links.

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We see all sorts of spam posted on our boards, most of it is inane and nonsensical. All they really care about is people clicking their links, so the rubbish they write beforehand is of little consequence. They seem to just throw out as many as possible in the hope that someone, somewhere clicks on them by accident. And I guess it must be working, because otherwise they'd stop posting them. Right?


Anyways (madatory mod information), as always, if you see a spambot posting shit then flag the comments or give the mods a shout and we'll get rid of them. x

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@sweep: I thought we were not supposed to flag them and straight PM the mods?

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Pretty much what they're doing:

1. Infect people who play video games with a keylogger.

2. Try to steal an MMO password.

3. Empty their MMO account and re-sell whatever they can for cash.

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Those bots should really get in contact with their moms and neighbors if they want to get some money, they're the ones earning millions just by working from home on a laptop.

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That is right John. My puppy made 66473624375 Brad bucks last week working from home. Find out more at giantbomb.ru.

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@def: Ultimately both are good, and we'd rather you flagged them than do nothing. If you PM us we'll get to them faster though, as they might not be at the top of the flagged items queue, so that's the preferable approach.

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@zelyre said:

That is right John. My puppy made 66473624375 Brad bucks last week working from home. Find out more at giantbomb.ru.

But then he got chomped.

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@sweep: Why can't I flag mods?

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You can from the blog pages. It's a weird glitch, and I don't think it does anything.

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Okay, here's a question. When you see a spammer leave something that is obviously spam, but doesn't include any links or commercial material, what exactly are they trying to accomplish? I see this on blogging sites a lot, where the comment is something like, "Your blog is so informative, what platform are you using/etc", and the same thread is filled with variations on that comment by different accounts.

Are they just trying to initiate contact so they can send you phishing attempts later? That sounds like needlessly complicating the process.

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What I've found with a lot of those is that they intended to include a link, but they failed to properly format the hyperlinks (often due to copy/paste issues) or the comment system blocks hyperlinks. A similar thing often happens on GB where spam posts have hyperlinks that lead to nowhere.

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What if they really are true?

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I think they have a lot more to do with search engine optimization than keyloggers or any other sort of scam.

Every website you can get linking back to your own gives your site more credibility with google, sites with open forums make it easy to build up these authoritative links.

If you have an entertainment site that nobody has heard of, then google sees that people are talking about you on a popular site like giantbomb.com, google will think your have a good site too and that will improve your ranking in search results, especially if people actually click on them.

If giantbomb changed their site settings so google stopped crawling these forums, I think those threads would disappear very quickly, but giantbomb may get less legitimate traffic doing that so it likely will never happen.


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I used to work for a company that relied heavily on shady SEO for its marketing. It's fucking soul-crushing.

Anyway, out of curiosity I've checked some of the links those spam bots post. They're always the exact same fake news article talking about how a single mom from [your town] discovering a crazy secret to making fat stacks with no effort whatsoever. I've never gone any deeper into those sites than the front page, but I suspect they're a typical work-from-home scam, where you pay a hefty fee for the "secret" to getting rich, and whatever they sell you (if they send you anything at all) is worthless. These scams pre-date the Internet.

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What I find funny is that all these bots befriend Jeff, Ryan, Alex, Drew, Patrick, Vinny, Rorie, and Alexis before posting spam. You know cause they're like real friendly bots.

There's no ads before video for non-subscribers, right? Otherwise I'd say GB should implement a policy that new subscribers would have to watch 10 videos before they can post (you know like most people signing up to the website probably would anyway), that way GB could exploit the bots back in getting some extra ad views. You know, make them jump through some monetized hoops. Make them taste some of their own medicine.

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@noizy: those are automatic follows for all new accounts. Look how many followers I have!

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I miss the classic nigerian prince