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#1 Posted by Phatmac (5919 posts) -

Discuss what you'll be doing for our country's birthday! Happy Forth folks!

#2 Posted by Demoskinos (16320 posts) -

Not a thing!

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Haha silly, Canada Day was on Monday! Sunday!

#4 Posted by Cloudenvy (5874 posts) -

@Demoskinos said:

Not a thing!

Sounds about right!

#5 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11977 posts) -

Going to watch the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Championship on TV. But this year those assholes at ESPN aren't playing it until 3PM, because of stupid tennis. Argh!

Also, eating food, playing video games with other people, other things, etc. But the Hot Dog Championship is the centerpiece. Been watching for years! This year Joey Chestnut is going to go for his sixth straight championship!

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#7 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2824 posts) -

Staying the hell away from the outside world like a shut-in. People get stupid nuts on holidays.

#8 Posted by Nightriff (6349 posts) -

I'm working from 7 am to 3 pm, hope to play around with my new phone and start Animal Crossing for DS which I have never played. Then I am going with my wife to her parents for dinner and I guess some fireworks

#9 Posted by Phatmac (5919 posts) -

Anyone doing something cool instead of staying inside? Illegal firework shenanigans?

#10 Posted by forkboy (1334 posts) -

Cursing that you colonials were allowed to go off into the world alone a good 100 years before you'd be made into proper sensible citizens under the influence of the glorious British Empire.

No, not really. My Wednesday will consist of catching up on some podcasts as there's usually a glut that come out on Tuesdays, watching more of The West Wing, reading more of my big Rebus: The St Leonard's Years collection (it's only 3 books & 1 of them was before DI Rebus moved to St Leonard's. Basically it's books 4,5 & 6 in the Rebus series by Ian Rankin). At some point I imagine I will listen to some Velvet Underground to celebrate Americas finest ever achievement in the arts. But otherwise it's a pretty nondescript Wednesday here in Scotland. Oh, there's the Copa Libertadores final 2nd leg on in the middle of the night, Boca Juniors vs Corinthians.

#11 Posted by EuanDewar (5148 posts) -

Chillin' with my ENGLISH FRIENDS.

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@No0b0rAmA said:

Haha silly, Canada Day was on Monday!

well the day off was.

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@Hockeymask27: Fixed!

#14 Posted by Muerthoz (364 posts) -

I'll be working.   I was going to make a giant snake like they did in South Park and light it in the parking lot but realized the humor would be wasted on my co-workers.   
So, I'm probably just eating barbecue then going to work.

#15 Posted by baconbits33 (1215 posts) -

Sitting in my Barracks trying to download Battlefield 3 since I'm not allowed to go off the base.

#16 Posted by Intro (1247 posts) -

Going to work, coming home, smoking pot and then hanging out with a girl for the night.

#17 Posted by crusader8463 (14744 posts) -

Same as every other day. The only special day in July is the 1st. Nothing special about the 4th. Just another Wednesday. Ohhhh... Just realized that tomorrow will probably be a slow day since it's a yankee holiday. I do tech support for HTC phones and most of the calls we get come from the US so it will hopefully be nice and slow. Though from past times working on Holidays we tend to get more angry douche bag calls then normal.

#18 Posted by wrecks (2415 posts) -

Moonrise Kingdom, BBQ, Beer, Hammock.

#19 Posted by Arker101 (1484 posts) -

I love 4th of July and Thanksgiving threads, everyone not from the US/Canada comes in and says it's just another day. It always amuses me.

I'll be cooking food and watching fireworks with family.

#20 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

Going to be watching fireworks and hopefully eating some sweet food as long as it doesn't rain. Also TWILIGHT ZONE MARATHON.

#21 Posted by CornBREDX (6561 posts) -

I will be at work being abused by idiots that don't understand how computers or the internet actually works.

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#23 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19818 posts) -

Mechanics exam #2. Then more studying for final mechanics exam + doing assignments.

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#25 Posted by TehFlan (1954 posts) -

Going to a friend's house and setting off some fireworks you can't buy in this state.

#26 Posted by Zombie_Shakespeare (131 posts) -

I thought I would read a book. It's my day off. Maybe watch some Doctor Who.

#27 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

Guys, it's gonna be really hard for me to not play Spelunky all day.

#28 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

Even though I live in the UK, we are celebrating it at work, sort of. It's wild wild west day today so we have to come in dressed in Western clothing, so a check shirt for me!

#29 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

i am going to be working.

#30 Posted by Wrighteous86 (3876 posts) -

and I are going to be cooking based off of 's chili recipe and having some family over for a barbeque. Then we're heading to the Hancock Observatory to watch the Navy Pier fireworks from 1,000 feet up.

#31 Posted by FengShuiGod (1516 posts) -

I am in that weird transitional phase between college and the real world, wherein all my friends are scattered across the country/globe as they enjoy the 4th with their family, and somehow my family went off for vacation and left my unemployed self to watch over the family business. So basically, TF2.

#32 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

It's far, far too dry to shoot off fireworks here so I'm just going to watch other people do it, counting down until a fire is started.

#33 Posted by Butano (1851 posts) -

Moving to my new place, then probably watching The Patriot or something. Just got done watching Independence Day so I think I'm covered for everything except for fireworks.

#34 Posted by Echofoxz (106 posts) -

@Joeyoe31 said:


I second this notion.

#35 Posted by KingKavik (23 posts) -

Rock climbing, weather permitting. It will be a ton of fun!

#36 Posted by Stonyman65 (3032 posts) -

Grillin' durgers and playing video games. That's about it.

#37 Posted by Grilledcheez (4006 posts) -

Going to my cousin's to mess around outside / eat, then coming back up here to watch fireworks and probably SET SOME ILLEGAL ONES OFF

#38 Edited by NTM (8364 posts) -

Aside from the fact I don't really care for celebrating July 4th, my family is barbecuing and setting off fire works. Also, I don't really think a lot of people are celebrating because of our independence, but rather, finding an excuse to blow shit up.

#39 Posted by Sbaitso (608 posts) -

Drinking and eating ribs, what else is there?

#40 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3475 posts) -

Mourning the momentous defeat.

#41 Posted by Bigheart711 (1272 posts) -

Barbecuing with my father (which I already did) and setting off fireworks later. I intend to watch others set shit off too.

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Beer and BBQ of course.

#43 Posted by Phatmac (5919 posts) -

Happy 4th duders!! Woo!

#44 Posted by RedCricketChase (462 posts) -

Think I'm gonna play a bunch of Diablo Trois and go to bed early. Not much of a holiday guy. :\

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Prettttty much nothing.

#46 Posted by FLStyle (5569 posts) -

Who's country?

#47 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (552 posts) -

I want to play video games. I will be finishing some home improvement projects instead.

#48 Posted by KirillOrlov (307 posts) -

Waiting for the Steam Sale....

#49 Posted by fox01313 (5175 posts) -

Apart from waiting to see if the steam summer event starts today, plenty of booze, uninstalling diablo3 (ongoing lag issues since launch for me) & looking for job.

#50 Posted by UitDeToekomst (783 posts) -

apparently I am going to be playing Minecraft all day. wasn't expecting that.