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I'm always looking for some new music to listen to, but I'm a bit picky, so I figured the GB community would be a pretty good place to come to for that stuff. I'm open to other stuff, but I'm a metal guy. Right now I'm listening to a few bands on a fairly regular basis.

  • Intervals (a pretty good new prog metal band)
  • Protest the Hero (PTH generally just kills it all the time, as far as I'm concerned, and they're probably one of the biggest bands to crowdfund a record. Also, a reminder that there's still some good music coming from Canada =P)
  • Mandroid Echostar (Mandroid is kinda like Coheed, but with more shred and more good songs IMO. They're also from Canada, and are currently recording a full-length with a few EPs already out.)
  • August Burns Red (One of the few straight metalcore bands I like, their most recent album was good enough to stay in my car's 6 disc drive.
  • (Other stuff in my car that I listen to regularly: Metallic's black album, Vulgar Display of Power, In Waves and City of Evil.)

Whatcha listening to?

Edit: YouTube videos make the pages load really slow. So linking instead of embedding would probably be best.

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Bongripper. Always be rippin'.

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Listening to a lot of K.Flay at the moment. Pretty excited for her first full album coming out soon.

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Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, and Squarepusher for my ambient fix.

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Listened to the Persona 2 EP soundtrack, that was amazing. And checked out the new coldplay album, not bad at all, not as good as their earlier stuff. If I'm not listening to a Bombcast I tend to throw on Fear Factory or Machine Head as something to play.

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King Diamond!

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TV music....

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Transistor OST

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I just got the Volbeat album "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies", so I've been listening to that constantly today. "Dead But Rising" and "Lola Montez" are my two favorites of the album, but the rest are great too.

Before that it was a grand mix of the Halo ODST and Reach OSTs, Lindsey Stirlings new-ish album "Shatter Me", and "We Come From Exploding Stars" by Moonlit Sailor. The Halos were mostly when playing the Sins of the Prophets mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, but made pretty good background music for anything else.

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Jato Effect. Deserves a lot more fans than they have.

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A lot of Modest Mouse recently with Red Hot Chili Peppers thrown in.

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I have listened to this. Multiple times...

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Nowadays, I almost exclusively listen to KPOP and JPOP. When an American band I like releases something, I listen to that. I'm a bit behind on stuff I want (Lindsey Stirling's new album, the Transistor OST, etc.) because I'm out of money at the moment.

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Transistor OST, but I'm currently playing through Far Cry 3 so a lot of shitty dubstep.

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Marty Friedman's new album just came, it features a track co written with Jason Becker.

They haven't collaborated on a track since cacophony so this is quite exciting for me!

Have a listen:

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I have, as usual, been listening to a lot of Pink Floyd.

Quite a bit of Eagles too.

Some B.B King now and then.

A bit of Ebba Grön never hurts either.

Creedence Clearwater Revival, too.

Dire Straits.

I didn't plan for this to become a list, so that's why it looks clumsy

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One of the best albums I've heard this year:

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Recently got into Charles Bradley, a contemporary soul artist. "Why is it So Hard" is a fantastic song. Volcano Choir is also a really bizarre band. It's Bon Iver's side project, but speaking as someone who hates Bon Iver I wouldn't let that put you off. Recommend checking out the song Comrade. Apart from that, as always I'm listening to the blues, recently got a Muddy Waters live album on vinyl that's pretty great. Afraid I don't know jack about metal

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I've been listening to the Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts II OSTs a lot lately. They're great. I don't really listen to " real " music a lot anymore, though.

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Nothing at the moment, but soon I will be listening to some annoying fucking customers. Yesterday, I had a rough day and now I really don't want to go to work today. At the moment I still feel like ripping somebody heart out from their throat. To top that off one of my supervisor quit after 9 years, though I can't blame him. When your a Team Leader you'll have alot of responsibility.

I'm gradually starting to dislike my job more and more. I can't even imagine how I would feel if I was there for 9 years.

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Exploring the sideprojects of ex-Scar Symmetry vocalist, Christian Alvestam. He's still one of my absolute favourite vocalists. Looking forward to the new album from Solution .45 (even if the band name is kinda dumb).

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Owen Pallett's new album 'In Conflict'
It's great... Owen Pallett does string arangements for many artists including string arangements on Arcade Fire's 'Funeral' and he is currently part of the active live band. But I prefer his solo stuff ;)

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I think my top 3 artists of the last couple weeks have been Tricot, Uchu Conbini, and The Cabs. I wouldn't usually recommend them to someone who's listed a bunch of metal bands, but you have PTH there and there's enough musical similarities between them and what I have linked that at the least you should appreciate it.

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I bought a Winger CD last week. It clearly shows I have great taste in music.

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Nouns - really excellent little-bit-of-everything-emo from Arkansas.

Black Love - good buds from Montreal making post-hardcore music for the soul.

Mighty Atom - hometown heroes that just called it quits, straight up hardcore.

Life In Vacuum - proggy post-hardcore perpetually touring Ukrainian thunder.

Titus Andronicus - hyper literate, monolithic folk punk from New Jersey.

And other stuff.

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@spaceinsomniac: One of the best albums I've heard in my life, to be honest. It's one of those albums that gives you chills everytime, makes you feel new things on repeat listens, and has absolutely no weak links (song wise).

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I've recently been listening to Sharon Van Etten, hunter and wolfe and Kurt Vile. I've also been meaning to listen to Beck's new album but haven't got around to it yet.

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I'm all over Outkast - this artsy soulful hip hop is extraordinary!

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Recently I've been listening to a lot of MF DOOM.

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Brad and the Shoemakers - Barkerville, Ft. John Drake. (halp, it's been in my head for days!)

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LCD Soundsystem finally released their last concert on CD, so that's pretty much all I've been listening to.

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Was literally listening to this when I read your post. Haven't heard it since college. Forgot how good they were. #showingmyage

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I usually just take all my music and put it all in one giant playlist so I don't get sick of anything, but I guess the bands I've been listening to mostly have been Modern Baseball, Common Grackle, and Arctic Monkeys. While writing this I found out Modern Baseball has a new album so I'm sure I'll probably be listening to that quite a bit now.

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Tuomas Holopainen's Music Inspired by the Life and Times of Scrooge and Sabaton Heroes Album. So far the albums i like the most from this year. Still waiting for Wintersun to release Time II sometime.

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The new album from The Roots just came out so I have been listening to that and right now I'm listening to their first album Organix. Apart from that I have been listening to some wu tang clan, some Jimi Hendrix, Lost in the Dream by The War on Drugs as mentioned in this thread, some of The Waterboys, some EL-P and some Shabazz Palaces in preparation for their new album

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Transistor OST. Its been great to load up and play while I'm jamming on some Final fantasy XIV.

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For some reason I hadn't picked up the latest Deftones album till recently so I've been listening to that a bunch. Real good.

Aaaand on the complete opposite end of that spectrum the latest Agnes Obel album is amazing.

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Van Morrison. Always Van Morrison.

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@thesoutherndandy: Love Deftones. Sucks what happened with Chi, but I hope they keep putting together new stuff.

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@jman240: Yeah man that was a real bummer.

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[ラジオ][TBS] 小島慶子 キラ☆キラ #0707 『愛すべきダメおやじグランプリ』

Radio show with Keiko Kojima. She's very good at her job, just too bad she doesn't do this show anymore.

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I doubt you'd like my type of music.....

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I'm listening to a sweet mash up of Paige and Brock Lesnar's themes ( for you wrestling fans). Actually for everyone because this is awesome.

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I've been doing some writing the past few days, which means soundtracks. I've been using Bravely Default, and Transistor mostly, along with some mood and environmental flavored playlists.

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Theory of a Deadman a lot lately. They are really good.