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Real-world achievement points: Talk about the highest goal you've set for yourself in life, what's going through your mind, and what steps you've done so far in order to reach them.
I'm interested in hearing about the lengths people are going out of their comfort zone in order to reach as far as they can. The goal doesn't have to be objectively hard, just something that you honestly feel is hard for yourself. 
I'm NOT interested in rationalization for why you might have set low goals, such stories are very common since anyone can rationalize lowering the bar. I'm not trying to hate here, since I've done the same, I'm just trying to pre-empt that topic since it's such a common response that it would flood out the more unusual stories. Again, it doesn't matter how special or difficult your goal is from an objective point of view; as long as you honestly feel it's hard for you, then I want to hear your story. Even if you haven't hit that goal yet, I'm interested in hearing about your struggle as you try.

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I wanted to learn how to cook well, so every Friday I picked a recipe from a book, went and got all the ingredients and cooked it. 
I still can't cook for shit.