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I usually just buy stuff for my immediate family because I don't have the money to get everyone something. Also I'm still going through college ect. I was wondering on what you guys plan on buying for Christmas whether if it is just for you or if you are taking care of your family.

I was originally just going to buy a new microwave for my family because I knew everyone would benefit from it as the one we currently have sucks. But I came home from work today and my little sister asked me how much she could get for her DSi. I told her not much, maybe $30 if she is lucky. I asked why she wanted to sell it. She told me that no new games were coming out for it and wanted to upgrade to something that gets new games. I told her to wait till Christmas. Then about five minutes later, after searching the interwebs, I asked her who she liked more. Mario or Zelda? She replied Zelda. So I guess there will be a Zelda XL bundle under the Christmas tree right next to that Microwave.

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just hoping to spend some good time with family, things might slow down enough so we can all get together and enjoy a meal together. regarding any video games, I would like to make it through Ni No Kuni.

EDIT: not sure where my head is, that wasn't your question... well I picked up Kingdom Hearts HD and last of us over black friday, i'm kinda capped out on games I need to sit down and play to buy any more

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Regarding family, I'll probably only give gifts to my nieces and nephews. One sister already claims I got her the best gift she could have ever asked for (but didn't), so I think I'm good there for years. The other sister is an ingrate and doesn't deserve any more presents from me.

I usually do a gift swap with my best friend, and that's it.

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That very sweet of you, I guess you really like your sister.

That must be nice... mine sucks.

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I'm going to get my mom some jewelry. Still undecided what to get my step father. He's a chef so I thought about getting him a nice knife set for around the house, but I'm not sure. He's kind of hard to shop for since he doesn't have a hobby per say. Clothes is the safe option. I'm getting a 3DS and some games for Christmas (3d land, pokemon, animal crossing, link between worlds, ocarina hd).

As far as getting myself something, I'll pick up a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to buy on the Christmas steam sale. Brothers, spelunky, volgar, rogue legacy, etc.

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That's pretty cool of you. I think I'm only buying a gift for one friend, since he's out of a job. No one I know really does any gifts. It's kind of a bummer.

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Money is so tight around here I can't even buy any gifts for people. Instead I'm just going to give my friends codes for shit I've never redeemed.

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Fiancee did most of the shopping for us this year which was nice and we decided to not get gifts for each other this year and just make the honeymoon our Christmas gift to each other. So this has been the easiest year.

Getting my sister an Apple TV, my dad a couple sweaters, and my mom well I have a week to figure that out.

The only wrench that has been thrown into my plans is my buddy outta nowhere got me a gift for Christmas which we've never done before. So now I have to get him something before next week.

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Clicked on this thread thinking it was about buying for yourself, maybe about the steam sale most likely coming Thursday or similar. Now I feel like a selfish jerk and need to reevaluate some of my priorities.

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@alanm26v5: It's alright I initially was typing about if I should get a Wii U, new iPhone or an iPad mini. Erased it all then put in the stuff about my family. There always getting in the way of Christmas.

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This is where having a sibling(s) can come in handy if you are short on money. Going in on items together really helps out.

This actually was a fairly expensive Christmas, but should be a fun one. Got my mom the Kindle HDX '7 and that should be fun because it is her first handheld electronic device (besides a very un-smart phone). Also Target had a good deal on the iPad mini a few months ago so that is what he will be getting.

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@sergio said:

I usually do a gift swap with my best friend, and that's it.

Sigh, it must be nice to get appreciated by a friend the same way you appreciate them.

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Starbucks gift cards.

Nothing says I love you more then overpriced Christmas Latte's in Seattle.

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I was gonna say that I didn't have any plans, but I recently got appointed as the person with the most free time. Therefore I am buying a lot of gifts for money that isn't mine, and don't get to put my name on them. :C

However that also means I get my "gifts" early since I can pick them up at the same time. Glorious victory!

My family isn't big on traditions... XD

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Aw, that's very sweet of you. I'm sure your sister will love it.

Like previous years, I'm just getting an assortment of various, fairly cheap gifts for my immediate family. A nice diary for my mother, an iTunes voucher for my brother, a neat-looking weather station for my father, chocolates for the grandparents, and a laptop case for my step-father. Normally I'd try and make some gifts, but I'm burnt out on doing anything artsy with all the college work I've done.

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PC for me, money in a card for everyone else. They can buy their own shit.

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Our family doesn't do the gift thing anymore, no little kids around these days so no one gives gifts anymore.

I bought myself a new motorbike, that's like my 5 years of Christmas presents for myself right there.

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I'm thinking of giving my older brother my ps3 as a gift, and give some money to some people I know. Even though I'm an atheist I don't want to seem like a selfish person.

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I'm giving my niece and nephew my PS3 and yeah, that's it. I usually just buy the little kids some gifts than bring some food or booze for everyone else to share.

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I went a little above and beyond this year:

  • Brother got a money towards a new snowboard.
  • Dad got comedy tickets and his annual coffee cup
  • Mom got pretty decent tickets to a Cher concert in Toronto.
  • Wife got some good stuff too, but she reads the site too so I won't say what it is here.