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Oh MAN, this song. That violin!

From the same album:

I want to break out into the Charleston every time I hear this.

Wish I could just post the whole album, really. No song on it is representative of the others, but they're all equally fantastic.

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Or Midwives of Perdition - Hazy Eyes. First album in a while with no major English lyrics, about time. The guys just can't pronounce English convincingly enough.

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@ervonymous: Their new album kicks ass as usual. My favorite song from it is this one however:

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The Revengeance soundtrack is so good.

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The xx - Angels (Hucci Remix)

Zombie - Soliloquy

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The most epic fucking song I've heard in a long time. This is what I envision playing were I to ride into a large-scale battle. It's perfection.

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Merzbow! Saw him live two years ago, great stuff, though I did prefer his pre-laptop days.

Every 6-7 years or so I get really into progressive rock all over again, so most recently I've been playing this quite a lot:

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The Toxic Avengers new album came out and man. Dem feels. This song in particular.

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Pusha T - No Regrets

I really like his whole new album, and think 2013 has been a surprisingly strong year for hip hop!

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I don't normally get on that well with footwork stuff, but this whole album is really good. This song is some of the smoothest shit I've heard in ages.

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Warning: Don't listen to this next one with your volume up high at first. I normally don't like music with loud sections like Monster does, but I really enjoy this one. Also bits and pieces of it remind me of some final fantasy music for some reason.

I've also been listening to a lot of string quartet versions of other genres and these are a couple of my favorites. Its interesting because sometimes I hear something really awesome and look to see what's playing and its like a coldplay or nickelback song originally lol. Although I love both versions of this song:

Hope that wasn't too much, I have pretty broad music tastes, so I usually have a bunch of favorite songs at once.

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@thomasnash: It's so good! Just that first track sets the tone for the rest of the album.

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Radioactive is stuck in my head right now.

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This song from Sonic Lost World.

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Lady Gaga - Venus

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I've been a fan of this band for a while, and just got the last album they put out. Perfect opener.

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Right now I'm really into Sleepwalking by Chain Gang of 1974. Fell in love with this song when I heard it in the GTA V launch trailer.

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Finally got around to listening to Old and this song is absolute fire. Great album.

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Ahem, here goes.

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Some much needed Rock in here :D Enjoy

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For whatever reason, even if I was a tad disappointed by the Darkside project in its fruition, I keep coming back to that album. Specifically Golden Arrow, Paper Trails, and Metatron.

But hot damn is that an opening for an album:

But there's been so much good music this year, singling anything out right now is hard. Still listening to Doris a lot, the new Oneohtrix album's fantastic, and so is DJ Kicks'.

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@whitestripes09: Weird, I never heard that CC song before and I went through a pretty big phase of only listening to their stuff on repeat. III is pretty good, I bought an actual separate CD for my car.

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Arcade Fire - We Exist

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Are any of these YouTube embeds showing up as 500 errors for anyone else? O_o

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@demoskinos: youtube was definitely sorta down for a bit cause I couldn't connect to the site (now I can) and I too am getting some of these videos in here as 500 errors

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@redbullet685: Yeah, I checked twitter and everyone was freaking out. So confirmed. Hilariously enough I think people rushed various "check if its up" websites and promptly crashed those sites trying to confirm if YouTube was down.

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Well, here's my new favorite song!

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Here's my new favorite song from Clannad! After 15 long years, they are back together with a brand new album. This song will probably stick with me for a long time. =-)

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Fuck these bands I've never heard of

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I'm maybe late but here my favorite song, I've heard these while playing Need for Speed Most Wanted and automatically stuck in my head!!!!