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By that I mean healthy food that tastes and feels good. Yes, that's right, feels. Junk food is not just about the delicious addicting taste, but also the texture (crispy, crunchy, melty, etc). If I'm gonna finally ditch the junk food, the transition would be made a lot easier if I had a good variety of good tasting and feeling stuff. "Healthy bar" type recommendations are welcome. Keep in mind I eat what I consider to be relatively healthy breakfasts and dinners, it's just the snacks in between that leave something to be desired in the way of health.

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Junk food. just junk food.

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Lightly salted peanuts, dried cherries and small portions of cheese and crackers are what I consider good junk food alternatives.

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An apple.

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Try cliff bars. My girl got me hooked on them. Plus I like yoplait Greek yogurt, a nice salad but if you are looking for that junk food taste without as much badness I highly recommend trying out popchips. Barbecue ones are godly

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Fruit is good, mainly grapes. Bite size and leaves no mess while gaming.

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Ramon Noodles just eat it raw..

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Just Water

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crackers, also those rice cracker mixes with wasabi peas are good.

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Fruit and nuts. Oranges, bananas, apples, grapes, and peanuts in particular. All those are very satisfying to eat, and they taste great too. I do really like those fiber snack bar things too, but they can get a bit old if you eat them all the time.

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Snap peas, baby carrots, almonds + raisins + cornflakes (a homemade trail mix, basically) and yogurt are my go to snacks. All of them are healthy and basically taste like junkfood anyways.

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Green tea. Like, gallons and gallons of green tea.

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Grapes, if you get the right batch of grapes, damn they sure can take the top spot over a bag of chips.
Damn chips are great though.

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I'm eating strawberries right now. Does that count?

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Lately, white peaches and Asian pears.

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Plain bread.

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I stopped eating anything that has Gluten in it and I have to say I feel great. Incidentally, that also means I can't touch most junk/processed food (Burgers, Pizza etc) and eating more consciously also automatically results in eating less.

My advice: give it some time, don't give up after a week or two. Processed food has basically ruined your sense of taste and natural food won't taste as good/intense for a while. After 3 or 4 weeks, however, your sense of taste will recover and suddenly all that stuff starts to taste great.

My favorites are potatoes. You can do lots of variations. I love them with curd (Quark), onions and chives. Eggs are great, too.

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I lost taste for most junk food a while ago. I just have yogurt and fruits, if I really want crackers I'll get saltines though. Blueberries are nice though.

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You can eat dry cereal, fruits, or some vegetables with salt and lemon. That's what I do.

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Pistachio nuts are nice. Pitta bread with a dip like hummus is also nice.

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I recommend fruits you like and homemade chocolate. If you make it yourself you can use healthier ingredients and customize it to your liking. Look into using coconut oil and pure cocoa, there are several great recipes out there.

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  1. Clementines
  2. Nectarines
  3. Dates (the middle-eastern/near-eastern fruit, not figs)
  4. Pistachios
  5. Oatmeal (microwaveable Quaker brand is good)
  6. Walnuts (a bit expensive)
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Well, I don't eat chips etc as much as I do salted and dried meats.

I look for meats with more protein than fat and that's pretty much it. Works for me, especially since I barely ever eat fruit/veggies - just not my thing.