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So for more than a month now I've been given the keys to my father's Toyota Rav4 '97 and I'm quite pleased by its performance on the road except for its fuel economy. So duders what cars do you fancy?

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I drive a Citroen Berlingo...not the most sexually appealing of all cars but at least it's super spacious. But if consider that the Volvo Estate was once voted number the sexiest car because you can shag people in the back with all that space then by that reasoning my Berlingo is a sex machine.

Of course, that's just blind optimism on my part. For once.

As for my ideal car? A London Cabbie. Love those things.

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Haven't researched enough to make a final decision but I like the cars Subaru puts out. Drove an '03 Outback when I lived with my parents and never had any issues with it. Mileage was pretty good and the engine had pep. My only knock against it is the lack of an aux port. Instead of listening to music and podcasts through my iPhone, I burned CDs like a caveman.

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I've always wanted a Porsche Carrera. Right now I own a '97 Camaro 30th Anniversary Edition.

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I just want something roomy/comfortable, with decent gas mileage.

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I just want a car with a driver.

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Got my '07 Mustang GT, which makes winters in Chicago fun and exciting.

Kinda curious about a new Camaro, but this car's one of my favorite things (up there with my guitars).

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Used to dream about muscle car but Mercedes is surely a good car once you driving it.

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Struggling college student with a ford explorer I inherited. Driving up and down southern california is taxing.

I've been thinking of getting an impreza. Whatever my next car happens to be, it's gotta be stick shift. I'm trying to stay alert on the road.

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A '97 Nissan Sentra. Tan color (looks awful). It has it's problems but it get's me from point A to B with little drama.

If I could get any car it would probably just be another decent 4 door. Dark blue colored. I should probably say a Farriari or something but I doubt I'd want to go through the effort of taking care of such a thing.

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For practical road car: Ford Focus 2012

For being a fancy pants: 1990 Mazda RX-7

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I've been driving my mom's 2006 Chrysler 300-C for about a year and a half. It's a great car. I'd probably go for something quite a bit more modest and youthful next time, though.

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Just got a gold 1986 Porsche 944 yesterday, very happy!

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@aznjon12: that's what my roommate wanted, but he got it for the most part... bastard. Anyways, I own a '06 Chevy Cobalt LS. Love that car.

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I wish I owned a Mercedes-Benz 300SL. Pure Class.

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I drive Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but I'm going to put it in a crusher because its growing fondness for children is getting distressing. On cold mornings it won't even start unless I dance around with my old bamboo and sing, sing sing. I'm bloody sick of it.

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I'v had the same 99 Sunfire for a few years now, i love it because its good on gas and is low maintenance but its not my dream car obviously . I really want a Wrangler as it would be perfect for me, i could haul my boat and its got tons of room for me to put my guns in the back seat when i want to go shoot. Plus i just love the look of them, they hardly changed them from the old days.

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i drive a scion tc.

my car looks like this just without the spoiler. a dent by the front lights and bumper crack.

i'm going to hopefully have this car for a while. if nothing happens to it. i am thinking about getting something nice and manual. a Subaru impreza or Cadillac cts4. i know they're totally different classes but still.

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I drive a 2010 Dodge Charger 5.7L RT with a Police Enforcer Package. It is black.

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I want Masuka's truck!

Now I can play real life GTA with The Compensator
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I drive a Proton Persona (I'm willing to bet most of you wouldn't know what this is...haha) I wish I had an Audi R8 though.

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Bicycles are the only way to go! If a bike can't get you there, then just take the train/plane.

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I drive a black 5 door Toyota Yaris colour collection '05 (alloys and spoiler as standard).

Love it and happy with what I have.

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2009 Tundra

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How many people will lie about their vehicle to impress internet people? Cynical? me? Never!?

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i am not thirst to get a car.More and more car are driving on the road.if i can afford i will buy a car can be charged.

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A dream of mine is to fly down to Italy and buy an old Fiat 500 from the sixties, then drive it back home. Maybe some day.

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I would like to own this:

Jaguar E-Type

I would settle for this:

Jaguar XF

I currently own this:

Toyota Yaris :(
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I had a 2008 Golf until it was stolen.

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2011 MINI Cooper S.

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Would like:

Currently own:

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07 Mazda 6 Desiel, Happy enough with it, not going to win any drag races, but I have an hour comute on a motorway every morning and comfortable and relatively fuel efficent. I would'nt mind a Audi R8. My first car was Gold Fiat Punto, pimp'n.

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About in the same state as Jeff on just driving a car for long enough that it's expected to fall apart, explode or get hit by a meteorite any day now. Wanting to at least test drive (then decide off that): BMW M3 & M5, Mini Cooper, Jaguar XJ/XF & VW Golf GTI. Doubt I could afford any of them but right now just wanting a better car once finances get better.

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I'd really like a Toyota Avensis. 2.0.

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I have a 95 Mustang GT (5.0)

I have a 95 S14 240SX with an RB26DETT (Skyline GT-R) motor swap I am going to sell

I am about to buy a 350z and get rid of both my other cars.

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Ferrari Testarossa so I can listen to Kavinsky's 1986 EP blasting out with the hood down. That shit is Ferrari music.

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I currently own a 1998 Dodge Dakota.

I plan on getting a new diesel Silverado/Sierra as my next vehicle. I just really like pickups.

One of my dream cars would be a brand new Porsche 911 Turbo S.

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I own a Mustand GT 2002

Nissan Murano 2010

Nissan Sentry 2002

Quite happy with all of them

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I own a 2008 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE. Bought it 4 years ago and have only put a little over 20,000 km on it. I never use the thing but I love it. The Bose system in it is great too.

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04 Subaru WRX

06 Subaru Impreza Wagon


Nissan GTR

BMW e30 M3

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I drive a 2008 Toyota Corolla S.....its a pretty nice car I'm satisfied with it.

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Got myself a '97 Subaru Legacy L station wagon. The thing has 136k miles on it and it still runs pretty damn well. I'm hoping I can drive it until 200k miles then get a new car. I'm looking at possibly getting an impreza or outback for my next car. I'll most likely end up with the outback since it'll be around when my fiance and I plan to have kiddos, more space for shit and that while still being able to have a subwoofer.

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I would love a Steve Saleen SMS 570X Super Charged Dodge Challenger. 700 horse :)