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I don't quite understand this question. I get all of my video game information from Giant Bomb, so I could say all of them.

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@Ne0teric said:


Crazy sounding games specifially is what I mean. Games that sound too weird to be true.

In that case, Gal Gun.

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If I had known that this game existed back then, I most definitely would have tried it out.

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@dungbootle: @ThePickle:

I came into this thread expecting it to be filled with creepy Japanese hentai games, and you guys delivered. Bravo.

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Otomedius Excellent.

Deathsmiles is close, but it seems like more (not by much?) of an honest attempt at a bullet hell shooter. The whole thing with being able to click on the characters in the loading screens in Otomedius is a little ridiculous and the designs in the actual gameplay are such an odd departure -- I have no idea why it exists!

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Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf.

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