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What music do you listen to when youre driving? Do you have a certain playlist or just the radio? What would you suggest listening to?

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Depends on the trip.

A short drive? Something stupid or fast like Queens of the Stone Age or the Dredd soundtrack.

A road trip? Some meditative Post-rock with a gracious spicing of southern rock thrown in. Can't go wrong with Green Grass and High Tides as you're driving across Wyoming.

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Depends on a few factors:

For a standard day-

Morning? I can go for anything in the morning. Whether it be this:

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or this:



Night/late evening is usually for the slower stuff:


(The site is not letting me embed videos anymore for some reason or create clickable links so sorry about that!)

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Power and symphonic metal - along the lines of Kamelot, Sirenia, Moonspell, or Therion.

There is a slight chance that I have objectively bad taste in music while driving though. In general, I like to stick with something that is not overtly discordant or relaxed for longer trips.

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short drive - any music you enjoy.

long drive - anything thats NOT mellow. i used to be in a long distance relationship that ended up in tons of LONG drives on a regular basis. i quickly realized listening to relaxing mellow music makes you miss your exits too easily. so dont do that. its also good to change up genre and style constantly at that point so you dont get too comfortable with one thing. keeps you alert. i speak from experience.

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Radio is dead so I only listen to the songs from my iPod/ iPhone.

The music I listen to in the car depends on my mood. If I'm feeling happy, I'd listen to a mix of Rock, Progressive, Alternative and soundtracks like Everclear, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, Akira Yamaoka, 80s/ 90s Pop, etc.

But if I feel angry, sad or on the edge, I'd listen to heavy stuff like Metallica, Slipknot, The Offspring, Rammstein, and so on. For some reason, I tend to play Powerman 5000's Bombshell a lot when driving.

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Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon jovi

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Whatever music best complements my mood at the time. This can range anywhere from Styx to Megadeth.

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Depends on the mood. 2pac or classic heavy metal for me

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pretty much anything on Sirius XM's BPM

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If you're a movie stunt guy who moonlights as a getaway driver, you can't get any better than this. Hell, it doesn't matter what your profession is, this fits any sort of Drive.

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I'll always go back to the stuff that makes me spontaneously sing out loud. Rawkin out to The Stone Roses and almost hitting a car was a good depiction of my dumb teenage life.

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Happy music, Beatles and the like. I deal with a good deal of traffic on my commute, and I don't need my songs reinforcing my ideas about running people off the road

It's difficult to be angry when Mr. Blue Sky is playing.

@Yummylee: A while back I watched the movie "Drive", they used a rap remix of that song, and I recognized the beat immediately. Solid choice.

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I'm pretty sure these guys already won the thread.

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Any number of things, but usually classic rock or something like Dream Theater.

To be honest, I don't much care, as long as it's something I like. I've let Ludovico Einaudi, my studying music, play in the car before.

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the Shatter OST works pretty well, especially for late night, empty road driving.

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Pandora station - mmmbop radio. It's pretty much just 90s alt/pop rock. I skip through anything Hanson.

Otherwise just my phone on shuffle mix of Post Rock, Pop Punk, Indie Rock, Electronic, Metalcore and a few Metal albums that I still listen to.

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I listen to anything I'd listen to normally. Typically it's high energy music to get myself ready for the day. Death Grips does wonders.

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 Metal. Nothing like ripping down a highway blasting "Battery" or "Ace of Spades."

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Melodic Death Metal usually pretty badass to drive to. Rage Against the Machine and Tool work pretty well too seeing as my car has a kickass sound system. If I'm driving for a longer trip though I prefer to listen to the radio, the dj chatter helps break the monotony of driving.

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I have Sirius satellite radio in my car, and it pretty much stays tuned to Alt Nation.

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The quintessential driving song!

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But any classic rock album will do, really.

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Any music from the 40s. Although that's what I listen to all the time anyway...although I listen to game soundtrack music in the car, too, since those I travel with don't particularly want to listen to 40s music all the time.
During this time of year, I like to listen to Christmas music from the 40s.

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For short distances, I'm fine with whatever, be it mellow (Sublime's eponymous album), aggressive (Gallows' Grey Britain), etc.

For longer distances, I primarily listen to mid-to-fast tempo music with a straightforward, "driving" sound (Queens of the Stone Age, Black Flag, early Green Day, The Offspring, Pantera, etc.)

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I have a mix of songs you would more than likely hear in a dentist's waiting area. Stuff like Chicago's Hard to say I'm Sorry, and Sailing by Christopher Cross.

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For late night empty road driving, nothing beats this:

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@SoothsayerGB: you're overselling how hard driving is

EDIT: I tried Googling for a bit, and the only evidence I could find that music impairs driving is that fast music will probably make you drive faster. that's it.

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My current job is driving, so I listen to a lot of stuff. A lot of 10-hour days. I just listen to whatever I feel like. Today I listened to the same Punch Brothers album three times.

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Whoever I have a bunch of albums for. On a long trip, I judge my trip time by how many albums I burn through. Last time it was JoCo, maybe next time it'll be all those video game soundtracks I've acquired over the many many bundles.

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Classic rock all the way.

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I'm guessing people aren't like me but I find driving to be TERRIBLY BOOORING. So I try to have my music switch up often, like from crappy rap, to sing-along rock, to hard core death metal. I just need to keep getting distracted and if one style of music stays on for too long I might be able to ignore it, which means it won't keep me up. Songs you love are probably the best, for instance, its hard to fall asleep to stairway to heaven cause I sing along.

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At the moment anything by Andy McKee. I think he is a pretty impressive guitarist, video is worth watching for his skill alone

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I just listen to podcasts, or if I've finished them all, my random dubstep/house playlist.

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Gold dust always makes me want to put my foot down.