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I have a job, i make a little more money than the average 20 year old in my country, so forget about work. 
I have an exercise bike that i work out on for 45-60 minutes a day, and i'm also on a diet and have been losing weight and scaring myself (yay), so forget about health/fitness.  
I have very high grades and have signed up for university. Starting next year (October 2012), so forget about education.
So there. I am a rather healthy young man with a high paying job, and I have literally nothing to do when i'm not at work (not a daily job) other than sitting at my computer. 
My eyes are starting to hurt, I've begun to sleep when the sun is up and wake up when it's dark, I keep trying to find something to do, but end up on my computer. 
I'm dying to know what there is to do besides sit here all the time.  

  • Friends? I don't have friends, there's no changing that in my current situation, so forget about it. 
  • Going out? I don't even know what that means, or how it's supposed to magically occupy hours of my day. I've tried going out with the few friends/cousins I have, sure it's fun, but it ends fast and doesn't happen everyday. 
  • Hobbies? I play the electric guitar, learning songs via tabs on the computer. I've also started reading recently, but reading is also a rather short activity that can't really substitute using the computer. 
  • Watching TV/Movies? I do that on the computer. Listening to albums and reading lyrics? computer
  • Video games? I'm a PC guy, i play games several hours a day, on the computer.
  • Sports? I'm not that kinda guy. Are sports mandatory to not be on the computer? I don't think so.
 I've been thinking about this for weeks, and I can't find an answer. What does a man who has a job, works out, reads, is on a diet but doesn't have friends, do when they're not working/reading/working out?  I'm getting tired of this computer and this chair, getting sick of my room and my routine, but i literally can't find ANYTHING ELSE TO DO. 

Whatever you suggest, it's gonna be an activity that takes 2 hours tops. Ok, what then? back to my computer. I need a radical change for the love of god. Seriously if anyone gives me an answer that makes sense, i'm buying you a Steam game.
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I King around and stuff.

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Go play golf. 9 holes would take you 2 hours, 18 obviously 4 hours.

Or paintball. Paintball is super fantastic.

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Go to the local Haifa sports club and sign up with a volleyball team

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Go to school. Read some books, right now I'm reading the Plague Tales. 
Other than that not much. I'm not very social.

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pick up the local paper and see what community events are occurring near you or around you. They will most likely seem dumb, pointless and you feel you might want to jump out a window before considering the idea of whichever thing is happening. But go.

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Masturbate at my computer.

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I don't know, and it tortures me. Sometimes I don't even know where I've been during the night. I come home bloody and all my clothes are dirty and torn. I'm either The Hulk or I'm just getting beat up all the time.

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Sitting on the toilet. Sitting in the kitchen while I wait for food to cook, Mostly more sitting.

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You could take up a hobby that requires you to spend time with it, and has you interact with others on a fairly descent scale.
Tabletop games are one example, such as Warhammer 40K, it requires time to build and paint the models, time to understand the rules, time to play the game. It requires you to go out to your local Tabletop gaming center and play against others. Plus it is awesome and fun.

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Airsoft is my favorite thing ever, so that would be my suggestion, though I'm not sure what your options are where you live. (Also, paintball is basically the same thing but with paint, so that would be another suggestion if you have that around but not airsoft.)
Pick up a sport you could play by yourself like basketball or golf.  Bowling maybe?
Take a martial arts class.
Try getting into biking or skateboarding or roller-blading or something like that.

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Baking/Cooking is something I usually do that takes up 1 or 2 hours of my time. Although I do look up the recipes on the internet most the time.

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well... I spent a fuckload of time in front of a computer at work 5 days a week, and spend a lot of time in front of the computer at home...I've started to work out and I still chill with friends. For me there is no getting around not being on the computer quite a bit.

Why fuck with a good thing? computers are great.

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Full time college student, job, at least 2 or 3 nights a week with friends, and I weight lift 4 days a week for 2 hours on each of those days. I actually don't really spend almost any time outside of school and work on the computer.

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As for suggestions, look for local classes for things like cooking, tailoring/sewing, woodworking, metal craft, various types of traditional art and sign up for them. Maybe learn a few new languages and skillsets. Or volunteer at local food banks, homeless shelters or hospitals. Do 2-3 of those things and you will burn through more time then you think. Plus, you will probably meet one of those friend things I keep hearing people talk about in the process. 
Having friends with no connections to games can be a good thing, as they will be more likely to introduce you to other things outside your wheelhouse that you would never think of.

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Go to school 
Play basketball 
take walks 
do homework (not done on computer) 
hang out with friends 

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I sit at Barnes and Noble and read Manga that I couldn't otherwise afford. I play games on my futon. I hang out with people from my college. I read books sometimes. Oh, I also play the piano whenever the mood strikes me.

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Learn how to cook. Seriously. Tons of fun and depending on the complexity of the dish/prep time/monitoring it could take you more than two hours. Especially if you know next to nothing about cooking.  
Or better yet, depending on how old you are (people go to college late ya know) try brewing your own beer.
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Find a girl/guy (whatever) to begin a romantic relationship with, biggest time sink of all.

Writing is also pretty great. I often write in my notebook in the park or on the train, and then type it up later if it's worth typing.

So basically sex and hobbies.

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@natetodamax:  @blacklabeldomm:  @xobballox:   
Thanks for the suggestions, but I just edited the OP stating that i'm not a sports guy. I know that i'm sounding negative, but I really am not. I mean, are you telling me that every person who isn't on the computer 24/7, is a sports person? Exactly. Surely non-sports people who aren't constantly on the computer exist. So there's other solutions.. 
@crusader8463 said:
Sitting on the toilet. Sitting in the kitchen while I wait for food to cook, Mostly more sitting.
Well looky here, it's my friend crusader whom, after several PMs, I discovered shares many loser qualities of mine :P  Honestly man, how haven't you blown your brains out yet? What do you honestly do when you're not on the PC? And if you're saying you almost always are, how's that treating you (your eyes, body, sleeping hours, etc..) ? 
@Th3_James said:

Why fuck with a good thing? computers are great.

Like i said in the OP, my eyes have been getting slowly destroyed and I've started to feel it, I have the sleeping schedule of a vampire, and I'm simply on the verge of going mad (sick of my room and my routine)
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Play guitar
Hang out with friends
Work out
Do schoolwork
Read books.
Ya know, normal stuff.

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Casually living out my life until I finish college, making my own money and hanging out with friends. A social life is the best thing you could have for your self, especially if you're used to just playing games all the time.

It almost makes you not want to play games as much, if anymore.

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Make new friends, activities will come eventually.

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@Winger said:

A social life is the best thing you could have for yourself

I'm so fucked then.. Seriously I can't do anything about being antisocial and not being fond of socializing and all the bullshit it includes, I tried becoming a social baghead who wants to "have a good time" but I couldn't, what am i doomed just because I was born this way?
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Here are 2 suggestions:

Get a pet and play with it. Not something easy like a gold fish or a turtle mind you, something like a cat or dog.

Try learning how to cook really complex dishes. Since you wanna get away from the computer, only look up recipes in magazines or cook books. Being able to make high end dishes is a really nice skill to have and is pretty impressive to some people.

can't really think of much else as you don't seem like a social person.

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@Ahmad_Metallic: I'm not a sports person, but fuck man... airsoft is truly exhilarating.  You should try it :P  It's like Battlefield, but for real (without the vehicles unless you go to a big MilSim operation).
You could go to clubs, but that is something I do not like.  You could do cooking, I actually enjoy cooking a bit.  Hang out at bars and try to meet people? (Again, not something I would want to do, but a suggestion non-the-less.  Go to a book store and try to meet people?  I honestly don't have much to do other than hanging out with the friends I have and exercising/airsoft/walking my dog and a few other things...
There's something you could do... get a pet and train it to do awesome shit and play frisby and things with it.  That would take up a ton of time.
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@Ahmad_Metallic: Volleyball teams have girls on them and you don't really need to apply yourself.... is what I've learned through the years.
Here's something: Everyday go outside for a walk (it's not sporty to just walk) and think of a place and go there. The next day think of a place that's further and make it you goal to walk there. Rinse and repeat, and eventually you will walk very far and see many things and meet many people. That will take up a lot of your time.
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Hang out with friends and play games, go hunting or to the shooting range.

Walk a lot, just around random areas and goto random stores just to be out and about

and work, work a whole lot.. im not into the bar scene, club scene or sitting around doing nothing with friends, past few years i have lost touch with most of my friends because they prefer to sit around and smoke pot all day, not to knock people who enjoy marijuana but i have better things to do then sit on a sofa and be stoned 9 hours a day.

Past couple of years it's mostly been work, hunting, range and video games, i am not a "social butterfly" not into the big groups or going to parties to get shit faced or anything, drinking/drugs isn't my thing. As for the PC i am rarely on a PC for things other than work or 1-2 hours a day just messing around with GB or reddit.

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go to this site
watch YouTube videos
facebook, google plus
look up new music 
edit music for my iPod
hang with friends
go to the movies
lift weights but never run
worry about girls
normal 16 year old stuff

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I'm not sure if you can buy fire-arms in your area, but if you can, get a gun and go to a range.  Shooting is a great hobby, but can be expensive.

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
@crusader8463 said:
Sitting on the toilet. Sitting in the kitchen while I wait for food to cook, Mostly more sitting.
Well looky here, it's my friend crusader whom, after several PMs, I discovered shares many loser qualities of mine :P  Honestly man, how haven't you blown your brains out yet? What do you honestly do when you're not on the PC? And if you're saying you almost always are, how's that treating you (your eyes, body, sleeping hours, etc..) ? 
Gun registration laws here in Canada are fucking insane. It takes almost a year of going through a dozen different written tests, psychological evaluations and about $1000 in various fees along the way just to get to the point where you can legally buy a dam gun in this country. All the other forms of suicide are way too easy to screw up, and will ether hurt other people around me, leave me brain dead/paralyzed instead of dead, or are just too painful. I have decided on the best sure fire painless way, since guns are out of the picture as an option, is to lay my neck down on the rail road tracks and let the train decapitate me. The problem is the train so rarely comes through the area that I never know when to be there for it. 
As for your other question, I'm honestly never not on it. I wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, then go back to my bed and sign onto Steam to talk to people/play games, post on GB, check my rotation of news websites to see if the world is ending yet, or watch a TV show/Movie that I have downloaded. Then around dinner time I go get food, then back to the computer until supper time; at which point it's the same thing until night when I go to bed. Rinse and repeat. Every few hours I make a point to go into the living room and talk to my grandfather for 20-30 minuets because it's just him and me here most of the day and he gets lonely not having people to talk to. Couple times a day I check the local job posting websites for possible work and send out resumes when I think I might have the remotest possibility of actually getting the job, but I never hear back.
As for health, nothing of note. My eyes have tons of floaters in them, I recently developed tinnitus in my right ear a few months back after I got a really bad ear infection, and I have had heartburn problems ever since I was a kid. Other then that I'm fine. I was going for a 20-30 min walk everyday followed by a work out at night with a set of dumbbells, but I fell and twisted my knee a few weeks back and had to stop. Haven't been able to get motivated to get back into it again since.
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As for things that get away from the computer well, learning several instruments, playing those instruments with like minded individuals, playing video games downstairs where there's a comfy comfy sofa, going out with friends, doing dumb shit like this:

The best dumb shit is the dumb shit you regret yet still promote.

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Learn to cook. Getting new friends is extra hard if you trying to force it, but the more useful skills you can pick up, say cooking. The more likely you will have something in common when you finally do meet new people. Don't give me that I rather live all by myself BS. If you are so hellbent on isolating yourself from other people then go get some pets, preferably ones that need lots of attention so you actually have something to do all day. 

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I like working out at a local weight room. Nothing fancy, just one set for a few different muscle groups, maxing at about 6-10 reps each. I find it much more enjoyable than cardio, where you have to put in close to an hour of work on a single exercise and sweat a ton to get any results.

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Also, what's a social baghead?

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Go to work, sit at the computers there, play games there write about said games. Go home and wait the other half comes home from her job and then depending on the mood we either go hang out with a few friends or go shopping for stuff and decide what I or she is making for dinner. Then just relax and go on with life. Nothing terribly exciting I'm afraid

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Lie in bed, using my computer.

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Try creating a plan for what you intend to do after work. Some thoughts:

  • Go for a walk; you don't have to go with anyone; from what I've seen Israel is (mostly) a lovely place.
  • Have you considered a handheld console? Yes, I know they're not PCs, but they're designed to be played anywhere you want. Also, I promise that there are some amazing games that you won't find on PCs (or consoles).
  • What have you been reading? There's plenty of different things you could read. It doesn't have to be novels, it can be anything.
  • Go to the movies - you can see a movie by yourself - it really doesn't matter. No one will care.
  • Try doing something artistic/creative (other than music) - drawing and/or painting could be worth giving a go. Maybe even writing - on paper - perhaps try writing some poems (haiku is usually a good start).
  • Maybe listen to music away from your computer - just sit in your room in the dark and listen to it.
Also, maybe see a doctor :(
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Fuck man, not very much. 
I sit on my deck sometimes. That's pretty cool.

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@Ahmad_Metallic: Go out and meet people, you're able to do it... you just have to find a venue. Goto your local YMCA or some Community center and take some classes that you're interested in (art, cooking whatever) and meet people.

Start building friendships, hang out with friends, maybe get a girlfriend (if you don't already have one; I find that mine takes up a good chunk of my day)

Get an actual bike, and instead of sitting in a house go for a ride outside, it's about 30 times better than an exercise bike.

You can be busy every day, but thats not necessarily a good thing. Find a happy medium, go out with your friends and cousins a couple times a week. It may not take a whole day, but you're still getting out and changing the scenery.

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Spray stencils. A bit of computer work, but also cutting and spraying the stencils takes about 2 hours all up, but you can do it in spurts.

#42 Posted by clumsyninja1 (848 posts) -

Web engineer, play tennis (was in the juniors), drink bourbon with gf and dog (thank ryan davis?!), movies (sure)

#43 Posted by iBePeRFeCT (397 posts) -

Its already been mentioned but volunteering is something that could take up some free time and is a very rewarding feeling.  Best thing about it is that if you get tired of it or they try to overwork you then you can just stop at anytime seeing as you aren't required to continue.  I try to volunteer at my local pet shelter and kids club three times a month.  It isn't very much but between work, school, girlfriend, and Giantbomb it does change up the routine some.

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use that money for hookers  *shrug*

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@StaticFalconar said:
Learn to cook. Getting new friends is extra hard if you trying to force it, but the more useful skills you can pick up, say cooking. The more likely you will have something in common when you finally do meet new people. Don't give me that I rather live all by myself BS. If you are so hellbent on isolating yourself from other people then go get some pets, preferably ones that need lots of attention so you actually have something to do all day. 
This is actually pretty decent advice. The only thing stopping me from cooking is being broke as shit. Seeing as how you (Ahhhmad) are apparently well off, though, I'd say learn to be an amazing pussy-melting chef.
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Get some hobbies, I suppose.

I'm student teaching this semester so my time is limited, but I try to make time for...

  • rock climbing--I recently got a membership at an indoor rock climbing gym, so it's been fun getting into a new hobby with friends
  • board games and card games--this has been a great way throughout my college experience to hang out with my friends and having fun without spending any money
  • trained for and ran a half marathon on a whim this past April. I had never run for more than 1.5 miles in one go before, so I'm convinced that anyone can do this--provided they stick with the training
  • reading--always important. Good books are absolute treasures.
  • cooking--trying to learn how to produce actual meals. my parents are amazing cooks, as are a lot of my friends. trying to learn from them.
  • multimedia (video games, movies, etc)--I have less time for them now, but I still enjoy popping in a movie or playing something on my 360 or PC when I have some time
  • conversation--I hope you have at least one person that you can just talk to. Conversation is the foundation of my relationships with other people, so I find it important to take some time to just talk and listen with close friends.

And probably some other stuff I've left out. Most of the things I do, I try to do them with people. God said it best--It is not good for man to be alone. Yo-Yo Ma said it well--Nothing great is ever produced in isolation.

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@Dany:   @Tim_the_Corsair:  @Liber:   @EuanDewar:  @coopersy:   I'm not very social, so i'm trying to keep the social activities as a last resort. 
I honestly envy you guys. I don't know how you enjoy being with other people. Socializing consists of constant awkwardness, all kinds of tension between males, all kinds of confusion and uncertainty with girls, a lot of embarrassments, a lot of idiotic actions, and most importantly, there are always people you dislike and people who dislike you.  
Not to mention all the fake smiling, all the small talk that has been recycled for centuries, the annoying cheer, and having to not be yourself and to put on your "part of the group" mask to not be considered a weirdo. 

The fact that you can take all of that and just somehow have the state of mind where you don't mind it and where you just wanna "have a good time" despite all of it, is truly mindblowing to me.
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@Ahmad_Metallic Just an FYI, your eyes can't get ruined by sitting at a computer. They can get tired and dried out though. Make sure your head isn't tilted back when sitting, get some eye drops and go see an optician to make sure you don't need "terminal glasses ". Special glasses for sitting in front of a screen.
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Junk and stuff. Mostly stuff.

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@Ahmad_Metallic: It's not like that though, you just find some like minded people, develop a relationship and from that point on thing's don't get awkward and there's no silent pauses. Having the mindset that it's all stupid and meaningless is unhealthy, it's not going to improve your life.