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Posted by II_SpadeX_II (67 posts) 1 year, 2 months ago

Poll: What do you think about ads and ad-blockers? (106 votes)

I don't run an ad-blocker neither do I care about ads or supporting people/sites that 7%
I like to support the people who make a living out of ads 16%
I hate ads, I run an ad-blocker 63%
Other (mention in a comment) 14%

Many people consider ads to be so annoying and distracting that they'd do anything to get rid of them, others may thing they're helpful to other people who make a living out of ads, and there are the people who wouldn't simply care about them, which type of people are you?

#51 Posted by jimmyfenix (3753 posts) -

Must spend money on square space. Brad really sold me on it!

#52 Posted by hollitz (1631 posts) -

I don't use an adblocker, but I also never pay attention to ads.

#53 Edited by Canteu (2821 posts) -

I hate ads. I have no whitelisted domains. Ads (and awful programming) are the main reason I've not watched TV in like 10 years.

I would rather sit there starting at blank monitors at work, than browse the internet due to ads.

#54 Posted by Tireyo (6451 posts) -

@tireyo said:

Ad Blocker is the way to go. Internet is a lot more better without ads.

Have you thought about the people who count on them to pay their bills?

It's my choice to block ads, especially on YouTube, Facebook and AOL as those are the most annoying sites for them. I'm sure they (whoever they are) aren't suffering to pay their bills as they face fuck everyone who allows ads (and there is a bunch of them) daily. My computer runs better too without ads, as they slow down my computer to the point where the internet either crashes on me or runs like a turtle. I prefer no ads, so end of story. I don't mean to sound like I don't care, but ads (especially the video and automated ads) really annoy the hell out of me... and I want to be online without any problems.

#55 Posted by FunkasaurasRex (847 posts) -

I whitelist sites that I frequent. Most sites just have dumb banner ads that aren't too intrusive. I've been considering whitelisting YouTube for a while, but fucking video ads are the worst; why do you think I don't watch TV?

#56 Posted by billymagnum (841 posts) -

im pretty sure i see this thread every single week

#57 Edited by Aleryn (705 posts) -

Never used an ad blocker. I just use Chrome with Javascript disabled by default and enable it for sites I respect and/or trust. It has an inadvertent effect of killing annoying ads on sites I don't care enough about to enable.

#58 Edited by CaLe (4056 posts) -

I don't like my attention being hijacked by people who want me to buy things!!!!!!! I close my eyes as soon as I see anything that even resembles an ad and then move my mouse to the upper right and hope I have hit the X button. Sometimes when I open my eyes the site is still there and the ad has progressed to showing me even more things I don't want. That's when I get really mad and punch my desk.

But I will tell you what is even worse than ads, those dangnarn Facebook boxes with all those happy faces!!!!! Why is everyone so happy? Why does everyone have such a perfect dainty little life that they have no qualms about sharing?? That really grinds my gears. Have some life shame!

#59 Posted by ajamafalous (12165 posts) -
#60 Edited by Klei (1768 posts) -

I only recently started using AdBlock. I didn't mind watching a couple of ads there and there, but not too long ago, it started getting insane. I'd get loops of the same infuriatingly-bad ads, especially on GameTrailers. I'd be listening my playlist of music on youtube, and then in the middle of two songs, I'd get a 3 minute ad of a random pop song I've never heard or wanted to listen to, forcing my to get back to my computer in order to skip it. This would happen every three or four songs.

AdBlock was the way to go for me from then.

#61 Posted by jakob187 (21763 posts) -

I don't use it and I don't care about it. Why? Because I'm not the type of person that lets advertisements on a site throw me in a fucking tizzy.

#62 Posted by probablytuna (3832 posts) -

I'm in favour of Adblock.

#63 Posted by spraynardtatum (3737 posts) -

I don't care about what the new Colgate toothpaste tastes like or how many french fries McDonalds can cram into a cardboard sleeve. I'd rather stare at a blank screen than watch another trailer for Riddick Does Dallas on IGN 2.0.

Advertising is coming dangerously close to mind control.

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#64 Edited by erhard (442 posts) -

I don't use one because I don't care. Ads don't bother me.

#65 Edited by chrissedoff (2167 posts) -

@mattyftm said:

The solution to the ad-blocker problem is for Google and Mozilla to include built-in ad-blocker in Chrome and Firefox. BUT, it's an ad-blocker that shows ads by default. Every site whitelisted by default. But if you see ads you don't like on a site, there's a big fat button in your web browser to block ads on that site.

This would benefit everyone. To websites - the majority of people will stop using addons that flat out block everything. Most people aren't going to install a separate add on when they have something built in that will do it. And then by default, everyone can see their ads. It also encourages them to not use super intrusive adverts - they know that the vast majority of people viewing their site can get rid of the ads at the press of a button. They don't want to give them a reason to click it. Giant eyeblasters will become a thing of the past. Which benefits users. More people will see ads, less people will be annoyed by them. Everybody wins.

Of course this is all super wishful thinking. I doubt anything like that will happen. In fact, if a large company like google did include a form of ad-blocker in their web browser, I'm pretty sure they'd get sued left, right and centre. But the internet would be a better place with this system, I just doubt advertisers and businesses that rely on advertising revenue would see it that way.

I agree with this wholeheartedly and have often wished for such a thing myself. I don't mind ads because I know they are by far the lesser of all evils for the most part; i just don't want to see ads that take over the screen, play sound or advertise mail-order brides.

#66 Edited by RonGalaxy (3272 posts) -

I have adblocker for every other site besides the ones I visit regularly and am an active participant of. So sites like GB I have it disabled, but if I'm looking up a recipe or some shit on a random site, I don't really give a fuck. Also, internet ads are fucking stupid and are a dying method for funding sites and things need to change soon or else shit is going to blow up all over the web. Until then I'll support the sites I enjoy and go to a lot and will keep them un-ad blocked