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Poll: What do you think of Louis Ck? (476 votes)

Love him! He's hilarious! 55%
He's funny, not my favourite comedian though. 32%
Never watched him. 5%
Don't like his style of comedy. 5%
He's a big stupid ginger. 3%

Interested to know what the GB community thinks of his comedy.

Just finished watching the first season of 'Louie'. It's a clever show and has some funny moments for sure - the robbery scene - although it didn't have me laughing often. Some of the content - notably Louie's one night stand - was just plain weird.

I've seen a lot of his stand up though and I think that stuff is hilarious.

#101 Posted by rebgav (1442 posts) -

He is no George Carlin.

That's profound.

"He's no George Carlin, he's more like a white Bill Cosby."

#102 Posted by Example1013 (4855 posts) -

His stand-up isn't funny. Due to this, I've never been interested in watching his show.

#103 Posted by hustlerlt (341 posts) -

Although I usually hate most things that are insanely popular, but I really like Louis CK. Don't think he's the greatest comedian ever or anything like that, but he's definitely one of the best right now.