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Edit: Accidently Submitted it to soon, anyways what do you listen to your music on? I generally use iTunes more than anything

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I dont really listen to music from my computer much. iTunes works though.

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Music while PC gaming! Keeps me focused! I use whatever is available! Realplayer sucks though!

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iTunes because I have an iPod. :)

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It's Windows Media for me. 

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Windows Media Player

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windows media player, it opens faster then itunes for me, i cant seem to get itunes to work well..

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Mediamonkey, or winamp.

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iTunes, of course. That's where I buy all of my music, though, so I have to use it.

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Winamp. Options galore, plugins when I want something extra, and did I mention it really kicks the llama's ass?

It's also not terribly resource hungry although the new skin system is a bit slow compared to the old one (both are still available).

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iTunes. It makes a little controller on the taskbar for quick pausing and changing songs, etc. Great if I want to pause a Bombcast I have playing in the background or something.

EDIT: Yeah and it's for my iPod too.

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Zune because of the free media sharing for my desktop
On my Macbook obviously iTunes

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itunes because of my ipod

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WInamp. I've been using that since my first PC.

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Winamp for sure.

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Windows Media Player 11

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the amount of people using WMP or itunes is shocking. the two of them are usually used by non-gamers and casual pc users.

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The only explanation I can see for iTunes on so many Windows PCs is iPods or the music store. The program is pretty terribly optimized for Windows...at least they managed to fix CoverFlow so that it didn't freeze iTunes for 2 minutes if you selected it.

I used WMP for a while, I don't remember exactly why. It's always been a dance between WMP/Winamp, with the occasional dabbling in stuff like Foobar 2000 and AmaroK.

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Windows Media Player 11, works a treat.

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After all, I have an iMac, a Macbook, 2 iPod shuffles and 2 iPod.

I have Windows on both Macs and would waste my time setting it up for music.
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I used to use Winamp exclusively... but I've learned to appreciate the Zune software.

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CynageN said:
"I used to use Winamp exclusively... but I've learned to appreciate the Zune software."
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xmms, basically winamp for Linux.

Nowadays, however, I mainly use Spotify, a great streaming service.

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And recently Spotify as well. Awesome new program that lets you stream music instantly from a huge database. It works surprisingly well and even though it's only in Beta stage there's a TON of music to choose from, believe me. Check it out: http://www.spotify.com/en/
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Windows Media Player works for listening to some music in the background, but any other time, I usually play Audiosurf.

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iTunes came built in and seems to work fine enough, so that's mine.

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MediaMonkey is my player of choice. It's a great player and ideal if you're someone who likes to keep their music easily organized.

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WIndows Media Player, or I just pop in the CD directly

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WMP, though I most often listen to it while playing X360 via streaming.

But only out of lazyness. Someday I'll get back to WinAmp.

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iTunes. I have about 9500 songs on my hard drive, and most of them are ACC encoded, so it is too far to go back now I guess.

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I really like Winamp, but I find myself using Windows Media Player almost exclusively simply because my Last.fm plugin on WMP always works, and I've had problems with Winamp's version.

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YouTube is pretty good too. ;-)

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toxicEnchiliada said:
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windows media player, and media player classic which has the most robust codec support.

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foobar2000 is what I currently use, but I may switch to Songbird soon.

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Ares to download music and iTunes so I can put in on my iPod.

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iTunes - It isn't the best out there, but it's the best if you have an iPod (obviously)...  =/

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SuperMooseman said:
"I don't understand why people use Winamp, it's a horrible program. Ah well, it's all personal preference. I use iTunes myself."
What wrong with winamp? Its pretty good. Main one I use.
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windows media player

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I'm poor, so I just sing to myself.