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#51 Posted by merlinisg0d (21 posts) -

I use iTunes most of the time but occasionally I'll use Windows Media Player

#52 Posted by jakob187 (21640 posts) -

I don't really ever care what I use, as long as it isn't Real-anything.  I usually listen to music in my car, as it has the best stereo in it atm for me besides my living room.  However, I only watch live DVDs on my living room stereo, as I hate turning the 5.1 off.

#53 Posted by Blackout (4 posts) -

itunes as i have an ipod.

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#55 Posted by Ravey (329 posts) -

foobar2000 or windows media player 11

#56 Posted by Recession (132 posts) -

Zune and a Pirate Bay radio add on toolbar for Firefox

#57 Posted by Recession (132 posts) -
oldschool said:
After all, I have an iMac, a Macbook, 2 iPod shuffles and 2 iPod.

I have Windows on both Macs and would waste my time setting it up for music.
Im sorry for ur wasted your money *cough cough Mac in trash"
#58 Posted by Recession (132 posts) -
Hughes said:
"iTunes. It makes a little controller on the taskbar for quick pausing and changing songs, etc. Great if I want to pause a Bombcast I have playing in the background or something.

EDIT: Yeah and it's for my iPod too."
Foxytunes for firefox is awesome
#59 Posted by Recession (132 posts) -
Tordah said:

And recently Spotify as well. Awesome new program that lets you stream music instantly from a huge database. It works surprisingly well and even though it's only in Beta stage there's a TON of music to choose from, believe me. Check it out: http://www.spotify.com/en/"
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#60 Posted by OGCartman (4354 posts) -

Windows Media Player
....or YouTube

#61 Posted by Black_Raven (1759 posts) -

I use VLC for both videos and music.

#62 Posted by AnEternalEnigma (280 posts) -

I used to use Winamp until AOL bought it and turned it into a bloated pile of crap. I use foobar2000 now.

#63 Posted by PFighter (37 posts) -

Mostly itunes, but if i don't have a song ill listen on songza.com

#64 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2102 posts) -

Foobar.  For me Foobar is the new Winamp on my Windows computer just because it is so light on using resources and its simple and thats what I like.  And then iTunes on my macs.

#65 Posted by MrMiyagi (929 posts) -

Winamp FTW.

#66 Posted by teh_destroyer (3560 posts) -

I just use youtube,its easy enough to access it in the next tab over :P.

#67 Posted by Gunner612 (4338 posts) -

iTunes, i dont really but music from it though, they almost never have the band im looking for.

#68 Posted by Voldy (100 posts) -

I suppose it depends on if you sync with an Ipod or not.

I play music in Windows Media Player 11, nothing better imo. When I wan't to load tunes up onto my ipod I do have to use Itunes unfortunately.