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Right now, i'm in my college class. My teacher is explaining things that could probably be on the next test. But, due to my low attention span, I am on giant bomb reading video game related content. So my question is, what do you do when your suppose to be doing something else?

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Play videogames or drink.

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THIS x 1,000,000. I can't stand people who PAY to attend classes and don't pay attention. I've seen this way too much. I saw someone browsing Reddit, a dude Playing Starcraft II, and the worst, 2 people competing in League of Legends for a 3 hour lecture clicking like crazy. Its pretty fucking obvious what you are doing. I really wish professors said something about it when it is so blatantly rude to them.

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Don't wanna sound like a lamer, but you should really focus on class, friend. To answer your question, I just go on the internet to goof off, pretty standard stuff.

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i do what i allways do.fuck around on the internet. fucking internet even stops me from doing shit i wanna do. i really wanna get off here and finish resident evil 4,but i keep telling myself ill just check out one more website or ill just stop by the fourums real quick. two hours later im still here.

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"Your" in college?

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@MB: Hopefully he isn't in an English class right now.

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Doodle or read the forums on Giant Bomb, depending on whether I'm in front of my computer.

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I am actually at work right this second.

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I am actually at work right this second.

Same. The trick is to jam as much Giant Bomb as possible into the cracks in your workload without looking like too much of a slacker.

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Browse internet a lot; hoping to get that more in the direction of actually getting gaming goals done (if I'm going to procrastinate might as well knock something off the backlog) or sleep, exercise, etc.

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I hate seeing people doing random shit in a lecture or class, even though it really shouldn't. I'll admit to procrastinating outside of class, say when I should be doing work at home, but if you're going to a lecture just to fuck around, then wouldn't it be better to fuck around outside of the lecture? That's why I don't bring my laptop or phone out in classes.

Otherwise, in procrastination mode, I'll look around tvtropes.org, watch incessant amounts of GB videos, or play something mindless like Terraria while listening to a podcast. They all waste amazing amounts of time.

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Take a nap. Play video games. Dick around on the 'net.

If I'm supposed to be doing something and I'm not doing it, do you really think I would do anything even close to "work"? No!

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All of the things. If there were a nation of procrastination, I'd be the president.

But like others have said: Duder, you're in college, not high school. Wouldn't it benefit you to be listening? At least record the lecture and go over it later.

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According to your "mini bio" you're studying to become a video game developer, so you're not completely off-topic there I guess.

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You're. A combination of you and are.

Supposed. Not suppose.

You should probably pay more attention in class.

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It's a video game website. What do you think?

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I have a LOT of downtime at work, so I spend a lot of it here. It's the only game site that our firewall doesn't fully block, and that's how I found GB. We fell in love shortly after.

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Holy cow I forgot to check this one :P I had my homework completed for the class and I already read the chapter. Currently my lowest grade in college is a "B" and no I am not worried about spelling and grammar when I am typing using a cellphone.

~thanks :P

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@PrivateIronTFU said:

You should probably pay more attention in class.

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The past few days I have been reading the GB forums and replying to issues of little importance. Ah, regrets :)