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So my 5-month-old kitten fucked herself up with something (we haven't found what yet), and so now she has a deep gash on one arm and the paw on her other one is all bloody, looks like some of her claws might of been ripped out, but I don't know since I'm afraid to squeeze it and push the nails out since it might hurt her.

So we wrapped the gash up and rubbed antibacterial ointment on her wounds and now she's asleep. I can't take her to the vet because it's closed due to thanksgiving. Is there anything else I should do to keep her okay until I can take her to a vet tomorrow?

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damn dude... talk about a bad way to get thanksgiving under way. I hope your kitten is alright . Sounds like you have taken some great steps, it is hard to offer additional advice because that is so far removed from my area of expertise I wouldn't begin to know how to guide you on further steps. Probably gonna be a rough night, try to keep your kitten calm and making sure she doesn't start trying to paw or bite at the wounds. I hope you are able to get your kitten to the vet tomorrow so some real healing can happen. Keep us posted.

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Camera, sterno-gel (gas burns too quickly), and a match. Then upload the video to liveleak.

Just kidding, that would be horrible. Is that the only vet in your community? Is there an animal hospital over in the next county? I am not sure short of doing the same thing you would with a human. Clean the wound, dress it with some gauze then hold the gauze there with medical tape.

Hopefully everything works out because having an injured kitten has to be one of the worst situations ever.

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Do you have a veterinary emergency room in your area? The one in my area is open on holidays. That's where I took my dog when she passed out due to an infection in her ovary. Shit, man. Good luck. Hope she pulls through.

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No, we don't have an emergency vet here (we don't even have a hospital until the next city over), but she's currently asleep and being a champ. Besides a bit of flailing while putting gauze on she's been quiet and hasn't moved or done anything to irritate her wounds, I'm concerned though, since we don't know what caused it or how long she's been like this.

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Regarding your enquiry, put pressure on the wound to stop bleeding, make the bandage tight enough to which it can't be pulled off easily but not so tight that it cuts off circulation. Make sure to keep the wound clean and change the bandage periodically. Try to get to the vet as soon as possible.

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Hopefully everything will be alright until you can get her to the vet tomorrow or whenever you can. Probably just try to look after her more tonight than you usually do to try to make sure. Not sure what else to say, good luck.

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this guys advice seems like best, plus it has a picture of a kitten... rest of us didn't think of that.

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Provided you have dressed the wound well there isn't a whole lot more that you can do before getting to the vet in the morning, kind of curious as to what she might have done. At least when my cat appears with serious damage I know what they hell he's been doing (he's territorial as all shit, lost 1/3 of his tongue in a fight a few years ago).