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Poll: What Game Should I Play First? (44 votes)

Pokemon Yellow (Gameboy) 16%
Sonic & Knuckles 3 (Genesis) 7%
Super Mario Bros. (NES) 7%
Battletoads (NES) 5%
Chrono Trigger (SNES) 25%
Earthbound (SNES) 5%
Earthworm Jim (SNES) 2%
Super Mario World (SNES) 9%
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) 25%

Keep in mind that none of these are Xbox or Xbox 360 games, which is why it is here in General Off-Topic. I need the community's support! Which of the following games should I play first?

- Pokemon Yellow

- Sonic & Knuckles 3

- Super Mario Bros.

- Battletoads

- Chrono Trigger

- Earthbound

- Earthworm Jim

- Super Mario World

- The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Also, if you would like to participate in future "Gaming With..." videos, please feel free to let me know here or through a private message! I'd like the opportunity to do this with as many people as I can!

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General Discussion is about the general discussion of video games man, so you're good posting these kinds of threads there in the future (just a FYI).

Also, my answer is Link to the Past or Super Mario World because those games define what the SNES is and what Nintendo used to be capable of.

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@arbitrarywater: Just making sure, didn't want to feel the wrath of the admins so I figured this would be safe enough. lol

I appreciate the heads up! I've yet to play "Link to the Past" [insert gasps here] or Chrono Trigger, and loved Super Mario World. I hope either of these three games wins, but we shall see. :D

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You should play Persona 4 in such a format that it might be shown to test your perseverance, which can be stopped by nothing. I hear that's popular around these parts.

Super Mario World would be a good choice as well.

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@rpgee: And you know what popularity leads to.

#5 Posted by RPGee (775 posts) -

@winternet: Yeah it does, just don't tell any of my girlfriends.

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I voted battletoads because I haven't played that game since I was 12 but I remember really liking it. I also remember it taking me weeks to finish for some reason.

#7 Posted by OfficeGamer (1120 posts) -

A Link to the Past is the only one I know and that is why I feel confident to vote for it and tell you it's the best out of the bunch.

#8 Posted by MorkaiTheWolf (202 posts) -

I voted Pokemon Yellow. Why? Cause that damnable pikachu is just too awesome to pass up.

#9 Posted by SketchPanic (62 posts) -

Whoa... Glad to see such a variety in votes since the last time I was here. Chrono Trigger was winning yesterday, but now it looks like A Link to the Past is ahead.

#10 Posted by boj4ngles (302 posts) -

Link to the Past and Chrono Trigger are both very good, but I'd have to go with Zelda.