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In some of the earlier videos the people from Comic vine sat next to the duders in their new CBSi offices.... then all of a sudden I never see Tony or (what was her name?) anymore? I know comic vine is still doing stuff but where are they?

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Sarah moved to New York and left the site. Tony is still there I believe but probably works from home a lot?

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ohh okay. thanks! It just dawned on me as I was watching some mailbags from earlier this year that neither of them were ever in the office.

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Yep there's actually been more staff added to the site since Sara left but they live in other cities.

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Now that they don't do I Love Mondays or Big Live Live Show Live anymore, when would we even see Tony anyways, aside from maybe at the end of the recent Extra Life 24-hour event? He might still be around, but there haven't really been any videos of their cubicle area since like July.

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I blame DC 52 reboot for this

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I thought Sara was moving to New York but staying on, a lot of Comic Book publishing is still based on the East Coast. Sucks that she left.