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Personally I prefer the PS3. Xbox 360 has its perks like the fact that you can play minecraft on it. But all around the PS3 is way better.

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Hammerbros69 likes PS3? Where's Wii?

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commodore 64

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The wii is obsolete

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really? u want to start this thread? good job

i don't like any of the games on the PS3 so its the 360 for me.

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Sup 2006. On a website full of narrow minded and immature threads. Thanks for stopping by.

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I like free online play and blu-ray player, that's why I chose PS3. For you though I suggest a Wii U.

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Jaguar, but not the console.

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I have both and could care less. They are both great machines.

Also this is trolling whether you like it or not.

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I sense a mod...

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Dude you don't know versatile consoles until you have played a N-Gage.

I mean come on it's a phone and it plays games, it's the future man.

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sony didn't send a half hour talking about bing.

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My goddamn Wii of course.

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Hell ya Claude!

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Doesn't matter to me really. I spend most of my game time on PC or mobile than on any of my consoles. But they all have games that i love to play on them.

Accept the future and embrace all platforms.

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@Claude said:

My goddamn Wii of course.

Agreed, Uncle Claude's Wii gets my vote.

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Vectrex is the best you goddamn heathens.

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@FluxWaveZ: the ps3 would be better than xbox only if they renamed it to ELLEN PAGE

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i clicked here scrolled down and wrote this just to say this thread is pointless.

@Boom_goes_the_dynamite said:

Dude you don't know versatile consoles until you have played a N-Gage.

I mean come on it's a phone and it plays games, it's the future man.

its not a console its a phone and in best case a handheld. but it was still awesome for no apparent reason

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You're all wrong. It's the cardboard box my Megadrive came in.

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@Grillbar: Ahh... my bad, it's still pretty great.

But it still gets my support for the best thing ever at being a weirdly awesome thing that plays games and makes phone calls.

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@Atramentous said:

Vectrex is the best you goddamn heathens.

I'm guessing you watch Classic Game Room.

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System Wars on Giant Bomb is so much fun. You know why? Because we're all right. That's the trick.

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 I like Pepsi.

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The reactions to this thread are why I go to Giantbomb.

And the answer is N64.

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These sorts of system wars arguments and forum topics exalting which console is the "best" has no place on Giant Bomb, as seen on our Forum Rules.