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Since the majority of internet rage stems from the sentiment where "how can they like this piece of hot garbage?" or "Why don't they like this greatest thing ever?". Which one gets on your nerves more?

I love it when "they" hate what I think it's great. But a little pissed off vice versa.

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I hate when people rag on a game like it's shovelware when I enjoyed it. You could say it's mediocre or even bad, but to give a fully functional game 1 star just seems ridiculous to me.

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The one that gets on my nerves more is "How can they like this piece of hot garbage?"

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I'm kind of getting tired of the internet just in general. So both I guess. And far more others.

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Neither, really. What I do despise is when people lump together all criticism and dismisses it as "haters" simply because they enjoyed it.

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I hate both because it's the hypocrisy that gets to me. If you like it you have "low standards", if you don't like it you have "bad taste".

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People who say that there are no bad games, just games people don't like. They piss me off.

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The most infuriating thing?

When the internet becomes a collective group of self entitled jackasses about video games, who feel like everybody who works on video games owes them something.

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Wait, which perspective am I taking? Do I hold or not hold the opinion in this situation?

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I hate internet rage in general, there's far more important things in this world to be mad about than videogames.