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For me its Hugo and Gravity

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Life of Pi, hands down. I saw both those movies, and while they both featured some proper use of 3D, neither of those iterations of the technology added nearly as much to the cinematography as Life of Pi's, which had the most beautiful and inventive use of 3D I have ever seen in a movie theater.

This thread made me miss Screened.

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I haven't really watched that many movies in 3D, but I loved Gravity on it's own, 3D really brought out some more of the peril I thought.

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Hubble 3D and Gravity, both at IMAX, are the most immersive cinema experiences I've ever had.

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No clear winner for me. There are a couple of scenes where it has worked well though. I think Amazing Spider-Man 2 had the most of them so far.

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Dredd was pretty cool.

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After watching Gravity in 2D it made me wish I had seen it in IMAX, but I would have to say Avatar there was a couple of scenes in there that were just unbelievable good looking in 3D.

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The only 3D movies I could enjoy were The Hobbit 1 & 2 in 48FPS. Not only it looked incredible in motion, but they were the only 3D movies which did not give me headaches.

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It's an oldie (but a goodie):

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Normally 3D movies do nothing for me, but that said I really enjoyed Monsters University when I saw it in 3D.

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Gravity, that film would be hot garbage (very mediocre) but the 3D made it like an incredibly immersive fairground attraction.

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I still think Avatar is pretty far ahead of most of what else is out there despite being one of the first to popularize current 3D tech. Gravity, Pacific Rim, Dredd, Prometheus, and a few others all made pretty good use of it, too.

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I've never gotten on with 3D, to the point where I actually cobbled together a set of '2D' glasses from a Tested video so that I could get through a 3D film without a splitting headache and actually see what's going on. That said, the floating particles in Avatar (mainly the ash and the insects) were actually very immersive.

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Seeing a 3D movie is like paying extra to watch a movie while wearing sunglasses. The colour gets washed out and the motion feels choppy when wearing those glasses. At best the 3D effect might be neat for the first 5 minutes of the film, but after that you no longer notice.

As for the best 3D movie? Coraline was the first movie I can recall where 3D was used to create depth instead of just having things pop out at the viewer.

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dont think i can name a best.unless you want me to say the best of the worst ,because there has never been a time where i sat there and said this 3d sure is cool and added something to the movie.

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How to Train Your Dragon was awesome in 3D

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I agree with Life of Pi. Love that movie.

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I thought the 3D in Avatar was really cool and then for several years was hugely disappointed by pretty much every 3D movie I saw and felt with a lot of movies the 3D made it worse, but recently there have been a slew of movies that I've loved the 3D in and thought that it actually adds to the experience. The LEGO Movie, Gravity and Pacific Rim all immediately come to mind.

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Even though I hate the movie, Avatar still has the best 3D in a movie. Oblivion's use of 3D wasn't bad and neither was Dredd's.

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All of those times I watched movies and never realized it was 3D work. I have watched some behind the scenes stuff recently of a lot of different movies and the number of scenes that have 3D work that look realistic is mindblowing. 3D artists don't get enough recognition for their work.

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I don't know about best 3D, but Pacific Rim was amazing with hella D-Box shaky seats.

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Dredd was pretty cool.

I was going to say none but this is the right answer.

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Do documentaries count? Cave Of Forgotten Dreams was an amazing 3D experience.

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Gravity, the depth was what made it for me.

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I think Avatar still had the most bang, and I think Tin Tin was pretty good but under rated.

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Coraline, Dredd, Pacific Rim in no particular order.

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I really should've seen Gravity. :(

I'll say Avatar did the 3D really well though, the flaws with that movie were elsewhere.

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Went to a 3D screening of an anime movie called 009 Re: Cyborg. Would consider that the best of use of 3D I've ever seen. Although the only other films I've seen in 3D are Tron Legacy, Avatar, Thor, Jackass 3D

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Do documentaries count? Cave Of Forgotten Dreams was an amazing 3D experience.

^This guy knows what's up. Also, Jurassic Park 3D and Pacific Rim were pretty flash. Other than that, 3D is usually garbage.

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BORN TO BE WILD oh my goddd that was some great 3D. One of the only 3D blu-rays I have actually bought.

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@rorie: Were there puppies in that? I thought it was about Orangutans or something.

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@whamola: orangutans and elephants and awesomeness were the stars of it, if I recall.

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Prometheus. It was the perfect fit. The way they did the holograms and everything was just crazy cool. That scene where Weyland introduced himself through the recording was awesome, and when they discovered the star chart...

Although I wished I had seen Dredd.

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Metallica: Through the Never.

I don't care about 3D, but it was incredible for a concert film.

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Gravity, Life of Pi, and the Hobbit were my standouts. Star Trek Into Darkness wasn't bad now that i think about it more.

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Pacific Rim, the Hong Kong sequence was stunning in 3D. Tron: Legacy was also pretty fucking cool but It's been 3 years now so I don't remember how the 3D was.

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Avatar is the only movie I've seen in 3D, and it will be the last movie I ever see in 3D. Not worth the eyestrain, wearing two pairs of glasses, and the increased price.