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There are no single things in particular I would call amazing that couldn't be found elsewhere. But it all rolls together into a nice package.

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A hotel made completely of Ice. There's also lots of snow and darkness.

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South Surrey,BC. It's part of the Metro Vancouver area. To name a few awesome things about it...
For some reason, they'res a massive amount of young, hot women here. And not like slutty hot, real hot.Especially this one girl at Cob's Bread....but i digress. Umm i live 5 minutes away from the US border which i took advantage of on Saturday when i went to Birch Bay. I had a Tollhouse chocalate chip cookie ice cream sandwhich and Mountain Dew Code Red and i said to myself, "god bless America":) We don't have those in Vancouver. I live close to a kick ass comic book store near White Rock beach. 
I lived in Germany for awhile and I was within walking distance of the resting place of The Berlin Wall. That was pretty neat. Germany has a ton of cool stuff btw.

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We have a lot of cool (but disappearing) French/Canadian heritage, some nice nature, and shit loads of Somali immigrants. Woohoo.

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I live in Camden right now so I'd have to say the restaurants and the markets.
Otherwise if I still lived in sweden it would be all the hotties in skimpy outfits.

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@blacklabeldomm said:
" @CL60 said:
" @ParanoidFreak:  I can only think of a few things.  Ellen Page Sidney Crosby And the largest man made explosion at the time.(Not really cool though, kinda sad.) It's also still the worlds largest accidental explosion i believe. "
halifax? "
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@CL60:  I'm from Dartmouth :D
Not much cool stuff about Dartmouth...
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Wow, that's crazy. Did you ever live around here, or just your family?
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I live in Vermont and every foliage i feel that i live in a pretty cool place

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It has ultra polite armed guards and policemen.

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Portland - Yo, the Blazers are here.

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@ParanoidFreak said:

" @xyzygy: Wow, that's crazy. Did you ever live around here, or just your family? "

Well I live near Guysborough now, but we visit there every so often. I really like it there, regardless of how small it is. My grandparents and mom grew up there though. And we still have lots of relatives there. One of the roads is actually named after the family's last name.
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I get to listen to lots of super cool and awesome gun shots and sirens and the occasional helicopter, so it's easy to stay awake thanks to all of the delightful loud noises happening. I guess that counts. <_<;

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@TheSeductiveMoose said:
"   A hotel made completely of Ice. There's also lots of snow and darkness. "

This is amazing. I need to go! I want to go!
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Coolest thing about where I live? Probably the fact that there's a restaurant on basically every corner stop. Well actually I don't know if that's a good thing...But we do have NASA! :)

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Nebraska has amazing thunderstorms in the summer.  I love it.

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The view?

took this with my webcam just now
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We were the first European settlement in the United States.  Unfortunately, a hurricane forced the people leave and come back later, therefore eliminating us from the record of oldest continuous settlement, which is held by St. Augustine.

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@Aronman789 said:
"  my high school is an open one so you get light and fresh air, sadly when it rains the school floods can't think of anything else...my town is boring "
Haha, what XD
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The greatest thing about Boston is Newbury Street,period.(Newbury Street is a major shopping district). 
The worst thing is that everyone at the local bar makes fun of you when you say aboot (im canadian).Which sucks.

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George Washington lived here.
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Silicon Valley man.
Tech companies are EVERYWHERE...or at least used to :P

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A two dollar car wash.
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Toronto... I guess we're retardedly multicultural, and lots of inter-racial marriages equal a large proportion of gorgeous ladies, of every flavor. Inbreeding is so passé. 
Also we have a good film industry here too, if you're into that. 

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We have the highest teen pregnancy ratio in Canada and I believe STD ratio as well. Yay for us?

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Toronto Film Festival and some expo of some sort. Either way, Toronto is fucking boring.

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i hate to say this but Vancouver and weed 

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i live in the middle of nowhere. that's kind of cool, right?



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@LiquidPrince:  look:
no roof in the middle, and most of the walls are made of cinder blocks, so lots of openings for water
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I'm going to take your question literally - the coolest thing about where I live is the temperature.  Winters are fucking COLD.  -40 is not uncommon.

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I will go max cheese lol, but being with my boyfriend is what makes living in Canada superb. :) Plus is a city is a lot of things around here. But when im England, the best thing about living there, is living at 20 minutes drive from the Theater of Dreams. Yes. The Manchester United stadium. I used to work there, :)
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Robin Hood!

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Breweries. Off the top pf my head, there are 3 micro brew/ brew pubs, and 2 larger micro breweries, namely Troegs, within a 20 minute drive.

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Space Needle! FUCK YES.

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Being able to get pretty much any kind of food in the world.  And have it be good.
Off the top of my head, I can name legit Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Ethiopian, Guatemalan, Cuban, Italian, Korean, Indian, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Russian, Mediterranean, Thai, Ecuadorian, Polish and Spanish restaurants here in Chicago. BBQ, tapas, sushi, pizza, steakhouses, shabu shabu, whatever. 

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The CN tower I guess.

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....it's fucking New York.

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only thing we got is Rachel McAdams. 

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We gave the world The Beatles.

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South Tyneside hmm... Nice beach, easy to aquire alcohol and drugs if your over nine years old, one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in England. Thats all I can think of.

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@Aronman789: That's hilarious. Do you guys go home whenever it rains.
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Lots of tornadoes, I believe my county is also notorious for methamphetamine.

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The home of Marlon Brando. Enough said.

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@LiquidPrince: nah, we go on with classes since the classrooms don't have any openings that water could get through, but getting to the buses is a total bitch since i'm at the other end of the school
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What is the coolest thing about where i live?

 Beautiful Vistas

 And the largest national park in the United States.
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Hmm, Scotland as a whole is pretty fucking gorgeous (where my parents live is no exception).
The specific part I'm from? Well, the West End in Glasgow is pretty chill.

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@twhalen said:
" I live within half an hour of id software and within an hour of Gearbox software. It's also where Quakecon takes place each year.  Those are the coolest things for me. "