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Nothing quite sends chills up my spine like ancient evil entities. They need not be explained; their powers and intentions are infinite beyond human knowledge. Even in the end of these stories the protagonist merely delays it, or wins a small victory over it. They may not be the "best characters/villains" but they certainly add an overwhelming oppressive atmosphere really gives tension to whatever fiction it is in.

I just want to hear from you guys, from literature to manga, film to video game, what's the most powerful and fearsome ancient evil in fiction in your opinion? Or just your favourite? And also, why?

Here are some I could think of:

- Cthulu (how could this not immediately come to mind?)

- Satan? Forces from hell? (Doom and most shitty B-movie horror)

- Sauron (LOTR)

- Reapers (Mass Effect)

- Cenobites (Hell Raiser)

- Markers? (Dead Space)

- Sith (Star Wars)

- Weeping Angels and the Silence (Dr. Who)

- God Hand (Berserk)

-Dwarf in the Flask (Full Metal Alchemist)

- Chaos (Warhammer)

- Burning Legion (Warcraft)

- Mehrunes Dagon, Dagoth (Elder Scrolls)

- Zhaitan (Guild Wars 2)

- Soul Edge (Soul Calibur)


Oh I can't think of anymore for now. They are all awesome.

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Cyborg Paul Ryan.

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the first from Buffy is something that comes to mind.

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Anti Spiral

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Cthulu for sure. Nothing is more grand and more unsettling.

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@JasonR86 said:


that's not exactly ancient though.

unless you really just have a hate for cro magnons or somethin

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Kind of different from what you're talking about but very much in the same spirit, you should check out Phantoms by Dean Koontz. Pretty great book, real creepy. Avoid the movie it's terrible. The only good thing that ever came from it is this.

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Melkor is probably worse than Sauron.

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The Beast from Doctor Who.

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@Animasta said:

@JasonR86 said:


that's not exactly ancient though.

unless you really just have a hate for cro magnons or somethin

Well, the ancestors of man were probably jerks too.

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Sin from FFX was pretty great in that civilization had adjusted it's entire way of life to accommodate the presence of the unstoppable beast. That kind of story sure works better than stories where an ancient evil is incredibly powerful yet no one ever notices its presence until the movie climax for sketchy reasons like "mind control rays" or "people only see what they want to see".

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I really love the Weeping Angels. So damn unsettling. I also really enjoy Cthulhu, though....and Sin from FFX...I don't know.

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Nyarlathotep > Cthulhu. Just sayin'. Sure, Cthulhu is a massive, unfathomable undead space squid, but Nyarlathotep hangs out with humans, looks like us, talks like us, is smarter than us and is a gigantic asshole. Also, Azathoth is his dad. You can run away from Cthulhu, but not The Crawling Chaos.

The Wraith from the early Stargate: Atlantis episodes were kind of bad ass.

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Any of Lovecraft's elder gods

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That gunk that forms in your arm pits when you get extremely lazy and don't shower for a week. Also, Rita Repulsa.

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I know it's centuries old, but I think Dante's take on Satan and the betrayers is still one of the most frightening scenes in literary history. For examples a bit more modern, I'll throw out Randall Flagg and Pennywise, from The Stand and It.

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@Animasta said:

the first from Buffy is something that comes to mind.

Same. They're so damn evil, they can actually make a guy like Nathan Fillion intimidating. Anywhoo when there's Buffy, there's Angel. So can't not bring up Wolfram & Hart as another great Ancient Evil.

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Whatever essence that causes social retards to shoot up school children.

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I like the Shrike from Simmon's Hyperion. It's not even necessarily evil from what I recall. It's been a few years since I read those books so memory is pretty foggy.

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Cthulhu and other Lovecraftian old gods.

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Milton's Satan