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I'm working on some graphics that will remain static while the rest of my interface will scale with monitor size.  I have big monitors, but I'm not sure what is typical out there. What do you guys have, and what do you think?

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Well, I'm using a 24" 1080p monitor. Any game displayed in a lower resolution will look pretty bad. Especially text tends to get blurry on a non native resolution.

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I really find it annoying when I buy an indie game with fantastic looking 2D art but it plays in a window in 800x600. I have a large monitor, I want to use it!

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I've got a 22" 1080p monitor and I think the majority of the gamers have rather big screens today don't they?

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Would it be important to have a high resolution in 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10?

I have seen some indie games that only run in 1280*720 though, which is a bit weird.  Sorry I'm not much help.
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@ZimboDK: What I'm working on here won't have that issue. The art simply won't scale at all, while you will have more room for other interface elements. However, the bigger the minimum resolution, the bigger the art can be.
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Oh yeah, anybody who is saying 1920...all you are doing is messing up my numbers. In retrospect I probably shouldn't have included that option.

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1024*768 is pretty standard, and has been for a really long time.

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1024x768 is basically your lowest "safe" setting if you're looking at normal laptop+desktop support and/or Flash support. I'm writing on a 1366*768 laptop display right now and all my screens right now are widescreen, though, so if you were to support a widescreen resolution on native that'd be the one (actually, 1360x768 just to be safe). I really haven't seen many 16:9 screens out there that don't get that high other than netbook ones.

But hey, whatever's best. Spacechem still does only 4:3 and it's one of the best games so far this year. Same with Plants vs Zombies. If the "broad potential audience, every PC must run this" approach is what's best for you, the last people you want to listen to are hardcore PC gamers on an online forum. You'll waste time and money on, in practical terms, just diminishing your potential user base. 
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@NoelVeiga: This is my concern. On the other hand, if I shoot for a very low resolution then the art will be miniscule on bigger monitors (read: mine). I'm talking to my programmer about making the art scale down at certain resolutions, which would render this kind of a moot point.
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@nintendoeats: You running windowed? You could always default to fullscreen, try to adjust the resolution down to something that at least makes sense and pillarbox on widescreen if you're going for 4:3.

I agree with you, though, it's not a small matter. I'd definitely put some polish in making it run well in smaller monitors while still finding a way to make it comfortably playable on bigger stuff. But when it comes to how big you make your assets... well, that's a huge deal that will determine how expensive and time consuming everything you do is, so pick a scope and go for it. If you let the Internet decide that you'll bleed money trying to make your game look like this:


When, realistically, maybe you'd be wanting that:


EDIT: For reference, fullscreen@1024x768 w\pillarboxing on widescreen is the default choice of both SpaceChem and Plants vs Zombies.
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@NoelVeiga: I wrote a long thing explaining exactly what I am doing, but I realized that was kind of silly. Thanks for your 2 cents, we are on pretty much the same page.
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@nintendoeats said:
" @NoelVeiga: I wrote a long thing explaining exactly what I am doing, but I realized that was kind of silly. 

That might well be the most intelligent thing anybody has said on this thread yet ;)

Good luck!
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I think 1024 x 768 is the standard.

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I play all my games at 1280x800 so that.