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And no David Lynch responses

Mine are Judge Doom's true identity or anything with the baby in Son of the Mask

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Hillary Swank falling into the upended stool in Million Dollar baby

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That robbery in drive.

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Any of the moments in Kings Of Pastry when they're moving their sugar sculptures.

Also, the ending to Silence Of The Lambs, where Starling is in Gumb's house and he cuts the power so it's completely pitch black and she's stumbling around blind and he has nightvision goggles. Just the concept of it is terrifying, I think I'd be fairly paralysed in that situation.

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@marcsman said:

Hillary Swank falling into the upended stool in Million Dollar baby

Yeah, that was bad. I didn't know anything about the film before I watched it and the whole ending was seriously fucking miserable. On similar lines, Requiem for a Dream spirals into a nightmare past a certain point as it all goes horribly wrong for everyone, though that was a bit easier to see coming.

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The bug tunnel scene where Willie has to deactivate the spiked ceiling about to crush Indy and Short Round. Just thinking about it makes me shiver.

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I saw The Craft for some reason one day when it was on TV.
I swear to you, when Fairuza Balk opened her mouth I was scared. Who would've thought that something like that was real? I always thought they were fiction.
But look at her!:

Oh wait, sorry. This is her:

You can see how one would get them confused.

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@zeforgotten: Holy canoli - I changed tabs with that picture on the screen, went away for a while, tabbed back and almost screamed. It's almost like a wizard turned a wood chipper into a woman.

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@wickedfather: I don't wanna think about her as a "wood" chipper.
Sure it might not be on purpose, but she might still do it.

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The part in Drive when it becomes a completely different movie. When the women gets shot through the window after the robbery.

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@psylah said:


I'm glad this was the first response so I didn't have to go fetch the video myself.

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@nitrocore: I was convinced Return to Oz WAS a horror film when I was a kid.

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The kidnapping scene in Mystic River. Jesus's hammer, shit is scary.

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Bilbo's puppet face in Fellowship of the Ring.

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Schindler's List and Hotel Rwanda. Just the fact that they're based on real events scares me.

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I loved Return to OZ as a kid. That movie scared me senseless at times. I actually wonder if it holds up at all.

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A lot of good ones already. There's a lot about Return To Oz that I found terrifying as a kid. There's that one scene with the Rollies coming closer that's still pretty scary. Of course when you finally see what they look like it's really silly.

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Large Marge

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The freaking Secret of Nimh

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The scene in Miyazaki's first film Lupin III, Castle of Cagliostro when he's traversing the rooftops still makes my legs feel wobbly whenever I see it. Brilliant filmmaker.

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Have seen*.

I can't really think of anything scary, but plenty of suspenseful moments.

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Bilbo's face in The Fellowship of the Ring. I would think that it would be possible to get used to it, but nooooooo, that thing is a bit freaky every single time.

Also, not a movie but there's an early episode of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood where the main character is dreaming about being a kid and then everything turns all dark and he turns around and sees the gross disfigurement of his mother that was what came back when he tried to bring her back to life, complete with glowing eyes. It then said something in a disembodied voice. I don't quite remember what, but for some reason I've always accidentally seen this episode late at night, when I'm dozing off, and it's woken me up every time. Now someone is laughing at me.

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@believer258: @octaslash: I'd have to say that Bilbo scene as well. Nothing could have prepared me for that monstrous face. It still scares the hell outta me whenever in watch the film even though I know it's coming up.

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I don't know if you would call "The Road" a horror film but the moment when:

They find the people in the basement. O_O

Also the Bilbo scene in Fellowship gets me pretty much every time. I actually hate that scene everytime it comes up cause I know whats about to happen.

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i genuinely do not scared at most things, but on the rare occasion that i am, it's over the most strange & perculiar thing that i can't for the life of me explain. usually it's not involved in horror.

one thing, that i'll share:

there's a scene in a simpsons episode called 'krusty gets busted', where you see krusty without his makeup on looking coldly at the camera at the back of a police van. and the face absolutely traumatizes me. i want to look up a picture to showcase, but i'm just too afraid to look at it, it still terrifies me.

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Every time there is a pregnancy test in a movie and it's a positive. I get so scared for the father.

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Well pretty much everyone here has got the nail on the head with the Willy Wonka tunnel, the Return to Oz, Large Marge from Pee Wee, and Bilbo's face from FSOTR. But I got one more:

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The birdcage rape scene in Naked Lunch.