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I would have to say my biggest distraction is internet surfing. I struggle compulsively with distractions and I easily get sucked into the next youtube video, news article, or forum thread... 
Whats your biggest distraction?

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The internet. ALL of it

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All of the above. 
Edit: Most of the below.

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Internet. Pretty much.

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YouTube and this bastard forum.

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Fucking all whiskey media sites. 

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@Skullomania said:
" The internet. ALL of it "
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Facebook, Steam, Forums, and MSN mostly.

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My Penis
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In the free time I have I get sucked into the dumbest things instead of playing games...

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Internet really.
I tend to forget I'm playing a game on the pc and surf the web, but only when its not a problem.
Not going afk when I'm in a deathmatch or anything :P

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Pretty much the internet. Namely Facebook and GB.

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When I'm in the middle of a game NOTHING distracts me, I'm in the Zone :)
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Music mostly.

@Hizang said:

" When I'm in the middle of a game NOTHING distracts me, I'm in the Zone :) "
Until you remember you have penis, right?
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My boyfriend or Giantbomb. Even when I'm on my 360 or WoW I have GB up so I can check what's new on the forums. I think they traded with Blizzard for my soul. =[

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My xbox.

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 @doublezeroduck said: 

" From what? Living life? Enjoying every minute? Work.  "
  " From what? Living life? Enjoying every minute? Work.  " 
true :P
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internet man.

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My penis and the internet (great name for a film/book). 
The latter supplies distractions in so many ways. The first only comes in one. Zing! (kinda...)
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Music and internet usually distract me from homework much more than I need for them to be.

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Internet and the thoughts in my head,

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Constant availability of the internet. Fml. How it has ruined me. 

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Like most everyone in this thread: Internet browsing. I've spent an unspeakable amount of time on Youtube.

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Mostly Giantbomb, Facebook, and girls.

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Wikipedia.  I have had several important papers for school gone to shit because instead of writing them at a decent time, I end up on Wikipedia for hours, and then I write at two in the morning.

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My piano, and my guitar.

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Giant Bomb and Redheads.

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Internet. Games. Writing. Women. The occassional man. Giant Bomb.
And mirrors. Narcissism ain't all fun and games.

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the internet and video games...pretty much the same as everyone else's answer.

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@Damian said:
" All of the above.  Edit: Most of the below. "
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Idle thoughts. I daydream often and then somehow a lot of time ends up passing without me realizing it.
Also the internet and games... you know, as expected.

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Recently? Minecraft.

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itunes, youtube, facebook and giant bomb.  thats all i really need

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@Abyssfull said:
" Giantbomb. "