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Just thought I would create a thread where people can show and discuss their country's national dish. If you are from the U.S. you can also provide food your state is known for. 
I'm from Barbados, and my country's national dish is Cou-Cou and Flying Fish.

Cou-Cou is a made of cornmeal and okra; for those interested, here's the wikipedia page for Cou-Cou.
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Our national food is salted bearicorn roast. When our bearicorns die in battle, we cook their flesh into a tasty treat. (If you haven't caught on by now, a bearicorn is a bear with a single horn on its head. Bear+unicorn=bearicorn.)

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No im not kidding, this and the balls of a Ram  is one of Icelands finest national food!


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Fish and chips. Battered fish with chunky cut potatoes and lashing of salt and vinegar to boot. Goes nicely with curry sauce or mushy peas. Bought from "fish and chip" outlets that litter every English town. Seaside towns have the best fish and chips though; fact.
Battered Mars bars are an obvious choice for desert.
It's either that or the All Day Full English Breakfast served with a mug of tea.
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Arroz con gandules (Rice and pigeon peas), with pasteles. Puerto Rico's finest.
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fried chicken

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@Gylfi said:
" No im not kidding, this and the balls of a Ram  is one of Iceland finest national food!



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Im from Ireland, my national dish is alcoholism. 

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Anything that deep fried and unhealthy.

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 Full Irish Breakfast (minus the beans, so technically, it's not a Full Irish Breakfast).

Jumbo Breakfast Roll
No such thing as Irish cuisine mind you.
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england is either roast beef and yorkshire puddings, fish and chips, full english breakfast, maybe even chicken tikka masala...
we don't have an official one :o
toad in the hole maybe too

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 Mmmmmm... National cuisine..
Welsh Rarebit, boyos.  Although the origin of the term may be an English insult, as rabbit was traditionally the poor man's beef and cheese was the Welsh man's rabbit; Welsh being a synonym for shitty.  Yeah, it's fancy cheese on toast.
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@cap123: Or spotted dick. Which to my knowledge, has been renamed several times in school cafeterias.
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@eroticfishcake:  A breakfast roll is truly the food of kings.
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I'm from England so chips..but I live in Scotland where people would tell you that the national dish is haggis... but I'm pretty certain its anything from Greggs Bakeries...like a macaroni pie.... 
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" @eroticfishcake:  A breakfast roll is truly the food of kings. "
Of course. It's the staple diet of students, business men and builders everywhere!
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" Im from Ireland, my national dish is alcoholism.  "
@eroticfishcake said:
"[pic]   Full Irish Breakfast
[pic]   Jumbo Breakfast Roll
No such thing as Irish cuisine mind you. "
What about (Irish) stew?  What about steak and victory!?  WHAT ABOUT OPPRESSION ARGH!!??
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The Netherlands: 
Boerenkool(stamp) met rookworst. 
Borecole and potatoes(mashed together) with smoked sausage.
Erwtensoep met roggebrood en spek.
Peasoup, served with rye bread and bacon. 
The thickened(and most common) variety depicted here is called 'Snert'. 
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@SlowHands: Nope, the only thing consumed in Ireland currently is alcohol and breakfast rolls.
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Either Fish & Chips, Roast Beef Dinner or a Full English Breakfast.

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I'm an American so it is whatever clogs the arteries fastest and adds the most fat around your midsection.  Hot dogs and hamburgers are probably the first thing that comes to mind, but I'm going to suggest a meal that almost all of us have each year.  On Thanksgiving, practically every American eats turkey, stuffing, green beans, and pumpkin pie.  It's the traditional meal for that holiday.  People eat other things for other holidays, but (for the most part) Thanksgiving is unique in the states for having a standard menu across the nation.

 Thanksgiving dinner
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I am now Hungry.  But for me its a full Irish Breakfast................mmmm

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Being from America, our national dish is freedom
Being from Idaho, probably something to do with potatoes.

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" No im not kidding, this and the balls of a Ram  is one of Icelands finest national food!


My hometown Voss is (in)famous here in Norway for this kind of food.  As a matter of fact, several hundreds of people here get together in a big tent just to eat it once a year. Personally I don't want any sheep tongue or  sheep ballsacks in my mouth. 
Norway's "official" dish however is a lamb and cabbage stew, called fårikål.
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@Coltonio7 said:
FUCK YEAH!Btw im from Canada so..... 
I dunno.Actually i dont,but i know Canada's national animal is the moose.....
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Come on, people. 
There must be more foreign dishes out there. 
Post 'em! 
With pics, please.
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Id have to say the Meatpie

  or Fish and chips with dimsims, potato cake, crab sticks and plenty of salt
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I'm American, but being of 50% Polish descent these are one of my favorite foods.  They being Galumpke, or stuffed cabbage rolls.  Cabbage, ground beef, onions, tomato sauce, and rice are all you really need to make these.
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@phlegms:  I also submit the snack box, I couldn't find a greasy enough one to truly illustrate what I mean but this is the basic idea:

Its the ultimate after drink food followed by a breakfast roll in the morning to sort out the next days hangover.
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Donairs are way better than poutine.
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@OutOfBounds9000 said:
" @Coltonio7 said:
FUCK YEAH!Btw im from Canada so.....  I dunno.Actually i dont,but i know Canada's national animal is the moose..... "
I'd be afraid to get a slurpee in Winnipeg, very high chance of getting shot for even picking the wrong flavor.
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 Saudi Kabsah
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I don't really know what the swedish national dish is, if we have one. I guess we have many things that are traditional here, such as Janssons Frestelse or Falukorv in various ways. We also eat a lot of fish, particularly herring and/or pickled herring, but that's mostly for hollidays. Oh, and I almost forgot... Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes (or regular potatoes), brown sauce and lingonberry jam. Behold!

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County - Cornwall. Pasties son! 

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(Valencian) Paella!!  
lots of regional -not national- dishes in Spain, a very diverse country, but from the Basque Country to the Canary Islands... everybody loves it!! 
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well in America, we got 50 states and everyone has its own thing goin on. And then even most City's has its own things goin on.  
In Philly, where i live, its obviously the cheesesteaks. Now, theres pizza places on nearly every corner in this city i swear. They ALL make cheesesteaks, but if you want a good one you got to go to the places that specialize in cheese steaks.  
Theres the two most famous- Pats and Genos. Then theres a ton of other just as great places as well such as Fruscos, Chink's, and Steve's.  
may you salivate at that beautiful sight below:  
most people just order a "steak, wit wiz and friied onions" because its fast and tastes great anyways,  but this is how always order them 

 i pass Fruscos on my way to work, i think im gonna leave for work early today.  
theres two ways to make em.like this with thin slices of steak, or you can chop up the steak into almost confetti like. i prefer the above pics way but choppin em up is always good to and it feels more stuffing because it makes the sandwich huge.   
learn more about em here
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I don't think Canada has a national dish. If we did, it'd be something from France or England anyway. But in Toronto, I'd have to say it's a street-vendor hot dog. T.O. has the best I've ever tried. I don't know what they feed those delicious rodents, but it's awesome times on Queen and Spadina. 
My Portuguese side wants me to say Bacalao (not the biggest fan). 

It's cod fish, usually served with potatoes, onion and bread in some combination. Might also contain the other staple of a Portian's diet: Chorizo.
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Beats me. In the United States we have everyone from the entire planet living here adding their culture to the pot. We also have affordable food from every culture and region as well. Hard to say...

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@ShadowSkill11 said:
" Beats me. In the United States we have everyone from the entire planet living here adding their culture to the pot. We also have affordable food from every culture and region as well. Hard to say... "
yeah, but every city has its own MAIN thing ya know. 
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@Bioderm: Poutine makes me proud to be Canadian.
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@TwoOneFive: That looks fucking awesome. There's got to be some way I can get one...
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@Cube said:


Donairs are way better than poutine. "
I fucking love Gyros. Assuming that is what this is, since I don't see any tzatziki sauce.
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Here in New Brunswick Canada i would have to say it would be The Double Double and Timbits from Tim Hortons.

 Double Double The Nectar of the Gods

The food of the gods.
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@get2sammyb: Oh yes.
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 Maple Syrup + Pancakes