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#101 Posted by Rick_Fingers (524 posts) -

We have a 2010 model Mazda 3 sedan. My parents drive a Toyota Camry and a Ford Focus (I've never driven either)

My dream car involves a chauffeur driving it because I do not give the slightest shit about cars. My wife would kill for that Lotus though.

#102 Edited by JJWeatherman (14558 posts) -

This is my dream car. Nissan Skyline R34. Just look at it! I've been in love with it since I saw it in Gran Turismo 2. Probably wouldn't be the most comfortable car to drive, but I still hope to own one sometime in my life.

Paul Walker would be proud.

As for me, It's my dream to one day own a DeLorean. Maybe even an electrical one like this:

#103 Posted by Zella (753 posts) -

Totally unrealistic dream car is an Aston Martin Vantage, or maybe a Pagani Zonda. Right now I'm driving the family Infiniti QX4 though will soon be getting my own car, good chance it might end up being a Honda Accord(not the flashiest thing in the world but I can get it cheap and it will do everything I need.)

#104 Posted by Hunter5024 (5683 posts) -

I know nothing about cars, and it's something I'll really have to ask around about once I can finally afford to buy one. However I know that my dream car would be big enough to fit a tall guy like me, and have decent gas mileage so my friends and I could go on comfortable road trips. My parents drive a Ford Taurus, 03 I think.