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Dexter's Laboratory is probably my favorite cartoon of all time, much less the past 15 years. So what about the rest of ya'll, any specific favorites?

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Do animes count as cartoons? Do animated shows for adults (IE: Archer) count as cartoons?

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I've always really loved Hey Arnold. Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy was amazing as well. Invader Zim was super cool, but I wasn't allowed to watch it as a kid... and if I'm being honest and am not restricted to just the 90's, I'm choosing The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron. If you wrote this show of for being 3D animation and as being a crappy offshoot from the movie, well you sir are dumb. That show is just so funny all the time. I, literally have never laughed more than when watching that show. The stories aren't the most compelling, but the characters and their voice actors are what make that show.

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@Ravenlight: Animated entertainment. Yes.

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Edit: Never mind...TailSpin is 22 years old. Damnit, I'm old.

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Just watched the newest episode of The Legend of Korra yesterday, so the first thing that popped in my head was Avatar.

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Spongebob Squarepants.

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Sealab 2021

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Cut down in it's prime.

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Batman: The Animated Series

The fuck is wrong wichu guys?

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My favourite North American cartoon of all time is probably Disney's Recess. I also really like Invader Zim.

I'm not going to count anime. I'm too much of a jerk to have a favourite.

EDIT: Forgot Ed Edd n' Eddy. Thanks for reminding me of that awesome show.

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Samurai Champloo.

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@Video_Game_King: Well, that was....um...heartwarming?

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probably justice league unlimited

or edd ed n eddy

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In terms of kid's cartoons, Billy and Mandy and Ed Edd n Eddy

In terms of adult cartoons, South Park and Family Guy

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they're still making cartoons?

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Simpsons season 8. My favourite comedy moments happens in that season. If you mean new cartoon I'd say Futurama.

And Dexters Lab is 17 years old, I loved cartoon network around that time with that, Ed Edd and Eddy and Johny Bravo ahh nostalgia.

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I never got to watch this one, anyone know where I can find some episodes?

It's older than 15 years.

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Going a bit further back, probably Pinky and the Brain.

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Futurama. I dont think I have a runner up.

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The Venture Bros.! I find it to be consistently hilarious and smartly written. I swear, at times it feels like it was written specifically to maximize my enjoyment.

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@JeanLuc said:

Cut down in it's prime.

last airbender is probably teh RIGHT answer, but fuck it I'll go with Megas too.

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I don't watch cartoons at all anymore, but fuck yeah I gotta go with my main dawg. Dragon ball Z.

The music was good too. Dragon dragon ball....DRAGON BALL ZZZZZ! Good shit

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The mainstream stuff (Family Guy, Simpsons, South Park) has a consistent quality, but I'm partial to late 90's Toonami/Cartoon Cartoon/Cartoon Network cartoons, whether it's nostalgia or the cartoons were definitely amazing. I actually downloaded the entire run of Courage the Cowardly Dog - that shit is hilarious. Even as a kid, I felt I was 'above' dumb-looking shows like Johnny Bravo and Dexter's Laboratory, but looking back they're pretty funny.

Also, the various runs of Scooby Doo are still pretty funny, each in its own way - the old-school Scooby Doo is almost archive material, while Scooby Doo kids is plain ridiculous, especially since they're all stereotypes, even bigger ones than they are as adults.

Also, Futurama - Season 7, here I come!

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I would say DuckTales, but I guess that's like 23 years old....South Park or Venture Bros. I guess?

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Batman Beyond.

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I always forget about this show until I stumble upon it again- but every time I see Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, I'm convinced it's the best thing ever.

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the boondocks and futurama

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adventure time

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Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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Only just makes it by a year, but I loved the Powerpuff girls a whole lot. Mojo Jojo is awesome.

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Probably Aqua Teen Hunger Force. But I've recently discovered Adventure Time and it's pretty great.

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That and Baccano! are tied.

For Western cartoons, I remember liking Batman Beyond a lot. Cartoon Network's '90's/early 2000's cartoons are pretty good. Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog, etc.

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Speaking purely of the last 15 years, I'd say Batman Beyond, Spongebob Squarepants, Ruby Gloom, and Viva Pinata (didn't really get into the games, but the cartoon was great).

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2 Stupid Dogs!

The hell is wrong with you people.

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Going back just 15 years to 1997...

  • Primetime animation: Futurama
  • Daytime/All-ages animation: [tie] Adventure Time & Kim Possible
  • Anime: School Rumble

I don't have a list of favorite TV shows, but...

  • List of favorite animated movies HERE
  • List of favorite animes HERE
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Futurama, it's the only cartoon (Or any piece of entertainment) that has made me cry, and it's done it during 3 separate episodes. I should be ashamed to admit that, but Futurama dammit!

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Invader Zim, Swat Katz, Heavy Gear and Futurama.

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Probably Spongebob, but Ren and Stimpy would be my favorite of all time.

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@Kidavenger:Bizarro Murphy approves!

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Too many greats. I could never pick one. Nor do I care to spend the time on Wikipedia trying to figure out which one falls into the 15 year time frame.

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Avatar The Last Airbender is pretty damn good, along with Legend of Korra.

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I just realized that mist of the cartoons i really really love are probably older then 15 year.

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The 90's had the best animated entertainment for kids.

Disney Afternoon: Duck Tales, Tail Spin, Rescue Rangers, etc.

On the WB side, we had: Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, Batman The Animated Series

Those cartoons had production values up the ass, especially the WB stuff.

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South Park. But with nods of the head to Futurama & Aqua Teen Hunger Force. And pre-cancellation Family Guy.

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I'm going to cheat a bit and say anything from the Monogatari series. That or Usagi Drop.